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Baba Sahiba – A Journey of Wisdom – Naveed Taj Ghouri


By: Naveed Taj Ghouri

This book Baba Sahiba, compiles the memories of his, reflects the influence he took from some of the World’s greatest minds and personalities (e.g Baba Ji Fazal Noor Wale, Sir. Alexander Fleming, Sartor, Professor Giuseppe Ungaretti etc.) And above all, His devotion to Allah, Society and Pakistan with the sincerity brought us the river of wisdom from a traveler of Sufism. For which We especially the young generation of Pakistan, need to think analyze and select a clear path out of confusions. Confusions… by which we are surrounded today!!!

You cannot categorize this book easily as autobiography or any other genre of literature. Once you start reading this book, you flow where the thought stream of Ashfaq Ahmed flows and readers feels his is on a wild & mysterious ride, where every page, every paragraphs unfolds something. Probably a hint towards true meanings of life, probably a mile stone towards the land of true wisdom, but you are unable to escape from it. People who are fan of Zavia series, will definitely fall in love for Baba Sahiba. Its a true journey of a soul searcher, a journey to find the truth, a journey to discover wisdom…

Our Baba Sahiba is no more among us, but his words and guidance will be. All his life he spread ease and facilitated the others, he was the one who created a romance with ethics and morality. Ashfaq Ahmed told us that culture is something to be proud of, not to be ashamed, told us where we are and what we already have, world is still searching for it!!!

Definitely words are not enough to pay any tribute to such a personality like him. All We can say is:

Thank you Baba Ji…

We Love You and We Miss You!!!


Zamana Bare Shauq Se Sun Raha Tha…
Hum Hi So Gaye Dastaan Kehte Kehte!

Highly recommended! Get your copy from…

price: RS. 900.00
year of publication: 2008
Publisher: Sang-e-Meel Publications, 25 Lower Mall Lahore, Pakistan.
ISBN: 9693521722
web: http://www.sang-e-meel.com
phone: +92 42 7220100 7228183


  1. It was worth reading Baba Sahib.
    I hope one day our children will also read his books and get Faize from them.May Allah give him a high place in Jennah Amin.


  3. All these books are freely available at ebookspk.com

  4. w miss u baba jani.may ALLAH give u a better place in paradise

  5. such Unique people born after centuries, and give birth to such writings that prove to be the light of guidace for human beings for endless time.these writings are not evolved from consciousness but are heavenly gifts bestowed upon chosen people. May God rest his soul in peace. Ameen.

  6. Can somebody upload the last chapter of SHAHAB NAMA, “Chota mun bari bat”?

  7. Please upload BBA SAHBA , if someone can do this favour.

  8. Hello to all!
    What Ashfaq Ahmed said in his books is not bad at all but his love for preaching of sufiism is not the preaching of Islam.Imam Muslim in his book of Hadis wrote:Sufi is the biggest liar.So how a true Muslim will follow sufis or sufiism, how good or interesting he may be.

  9. iqbal said about ashfaq ahmed nargis hazaron saal apni benoori par roti ha bari mushkil sy hota ha chamn mein dedawar peda

  10. its almost completed… the bab ji life depicts in zavia and along with bab asahiban other books n his dramas basically you can found all of his teachings which is essence of Ashfaq Ahmed’s life. Whatever was there has been published.

  11. is baba sahiba a complete autobiography cause i heard somewhere that it’s not a complete book.plz correct me if i am wrong.

  12. Where from and how to get an other Ashfaq Ahmad? The voice of wisdon has gone under the earth. Aah

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