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Nail Cutter – Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry suggested every Muslim and scholars to exercise / practice the teaching of Islam instead of giving only speeches on loud speakers. he referenced and admired the contributions of Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri in this regard.

Javed Chaudhry suggested every Muslim and scholars to exercise / practice the teaching of Islam instead of giving only speeches on loud speakers. he referenced and admired the contributions of Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri in this regard.


  1. Slaam! Ch.sab! Ap k coloum aksar parhta rehta hon.aaj pehli baar yahn forum se guzra hon…tahir ul qadri walay column k mutalliq arz hai…kitnay doston ne maslaki hwalay se ap k coloum pe lay day ki…maslaki ikhtelaaf aur chez hai..yahan kitno ne is baat pe le day ki k dr mazkoor k aqaeid aysay hen waisay hen etc….bhala yahan maslaki base pe tanqeed ki kiya zrorat thi…ap ne to bus ye kaha k ham muslim mumalik kitni sahooliat detay hen kisi ko tehqiq karnay ki…..baat to positive thi…koi b ho osay research ka haq hasil hai. Ap ko os k akhz karda ntaeij se ikhtelaaf hai to aap os ki tehqiqaat ko challange karen na k ap os se research ka haq chheen len.!saoodi hkoomat ki yahi to policy ghalt hai na…dekho Quran o Sunnah se agr koi kuch akhaz karta hai to aap kon hotay hen kisi se research ka haq chheennay walay! Kia muslim ki tareef sirf yahi hai k wo saoodi khyaalat ka ho? Jitni dair tak saoodi policy change nai ho gi otni dair tak eak muslim dosray muslim k liay muqarram na ho ga…kha wo dunya k kisi khitay ka ho ga.
    Wahan ki policy he to yahan pakistan myn khon khraabay ka sbab hai. K eak firqay ko hawa deni.!
    Isi dleel pe to shafi.hambli,maalki aur hanfi oljhay hovay hen. Myaar ye k ab saoodi hkoomat kis khyaalaat ki ha.
    Ye sub kia hai?
    Ap ne baat ki thi fqat ye k ham musalman kisi research krnay walay ko kia sahoolat detay hen?
    Aqaid ki baat pe criticise kia gaya apko..la ilm kaha gaya.ap k colums se bezaari ka ilaan kia gaya…os baat pe apko nishana bnaya gaya jo aap ne likhi he nai thi…afsos hai is logic pe….mozo kia tha aur logon ne ghussa kon sa nikala.
    Khuda apko khush rakhay! Ap ne jo almia byan kia wo haq tha…sabhi apko appriciate krtay agr tassob ki aynak otaar k parhtay to!
    Likhtay rehyay! Allah apka zor e qlam aur ziada kray.aameen.

  2. Reply to M. Aslam,
    Aslam, I am agree with you that we need to show practical and not only theoratical ….. BUT waht our Qom did when Dr. Tahir ul Qadri tried to impliment his thoughts and theory into a practical …. Aslam sware on Allah, did you cast your vote for him ???
    Don’t you think that as a Qom – we have BIG mouth only and nothing when it comes to PRACTICAL !
    waiting for your reply,
    Saeed Mirza

  3. Dear Javed,
    I salute you on your great approach about Ummah, I salute you for highlighting Dr. Tahir ul Qadri’s Great Great Khidmah for Ummat e Muhammad (PBUH).
    Dr. Tahir ul Qadri is a Scholar, who always talk from Quraan and Hadith. I would like to address to those people who don’t like him due to his Truth and Wisdom, “Allah ka khof karo aur Jahalat se bahir aao, siraf apne bad aqeedon ki wajah se ek Great Scholar ki khidmat to niglect kar rahe ho ….. Inna Lillah e wa Inna Elaihe Rajoun ,,,”
    “Aankhen kholo aur Haq ko pehchano….. isi firqa wari ne hamari qom ko tabah kiya hay.”
    May Allah Bless us with Hidayah …. Aameen
    Ma; Assalam

  4. Afsoos hai closed minded muslims per Wo ye samjhty hain k islam sirf SAUDI ARABIA mian rh gia hai mery bhiyo Kaba ka mutawali hony se koi pakka muslim nai ho jata agr aisa hota tu bad aqeeda kuFFar b tu mutawalli thy …… saudi arab se jo baat deen k liy nikly usy hrf -e- akhir smajhna bewakoofi hai

  5. sir ap ny humary pakistani baheyoun k vews parhy zarur hungy
    aap dill pur hath rukh kr bataen
    kya hum waqei dunya mein sur utha kr chal sakty hain
    yai qoum aj tak musalman he nar husaki
    just panjabi sindhi
    dewbandi bralvi rahee hy
    muhammad ka khuda humy hiddayat dy

  6. Javed Bhai aap ke nazar to har muamlay per hoti hay Allah aap ko Jazaa day Ilmi tour per hum bahut pechay hain aap pa shukria aap nain is unwaan per bhe likha our Ilmi muamlaat per nazar rakhnay our kaam karny walay shakhas ka hawala be dia our puri muslim umman ke halatay zaar ke taraf logon ke tawajo dilwai

  7. Muhammad Shafqat Muneer Qadri

    Assalam-o-Alikum Javed Ch. sb,

    Jo HAQ par hota hay uss ki mukhalifat b ziada hoti hay. Main sirf yei kahoon ga k aap HAQ par hain. Aap ki sooch ko Salam karta hoon.

  8. Dear All,
    First of all i congratulate Javed sahib that he has pointed out an important aspect of our society. He has infact, pointed out a real decease of our Ummah.
    Secondly, i want to point out that there are certain people here who have commented on this article of javed sahib; i think Javed sahib has written first time on Qadri sahib. But my friends are having severe problems in digesting the facts and reality. The aim of the article is not to promote Qadri but to point out the negative aspects of our social and collective behaviors. Its quite saddening that some people are not taking this article as a positive point to ponder upon and trying to wrongly portray the personality of Dr Qadri.

  9. Just some comments. My own point of view. You have right to agree or disagree.
    This is in response of a Column of respected Mr. Javed Chowdhry titled “Nail Cutter”. Link: http://www.ibitians.com/2011/02/06/nail-cutter-javed-chaudhry/
    Read it first:
    At this column (website own words); “Javed Chaudhry suggested every Muslim and scholars to exercise / practice the teaching of Islam instead of giving only speeches on loud speakers. He referenced and admired the contributions of Allama Tahir-ul-Qadri in this regard.”
    If you read each and every word of this column, at first glance one would say “excellent”, BUT if you look at the result, same, “giving only speeches on loud speakers”. Media is more than loud speaker.
    Point 1: Mr. Javed is very much impressed by Qadri sb. He doesn’t know that he was kicked out of KSA. Yes he is innovator in Islam. Javed sb must watch clip of his speeches, dances, kissing his feet (Sajdah), it won’t take much efforts, just google it.
    Point 2: Mr. Javed seem very much pro American or better say Pro-Westerner that’s why he written so much about west and says that we Muslim world just give speeches, but he forget that out of 58 Islamic countries in the world, there is a country named “Pakistan” where he born, raised and the only country on the face earth that is bearing him (otherwise no other country would accept him) having nuclear power. This country is just new born baby. Not even 1 century old. Not to mention that this nuclear power is not imported or bought from any place. If this would for sale, all Middle Eastern country would have nuclear power first. They got hell of money (we all know).
    Point 3: Mr. Javed mentioned that we Muslim talk about the ‘system’ and when west ask ‘what system’ and we give speech on it. As I said that he is pro Westener that is why his comment is like this. Another words, he is narrow minded (again, it’s just my point of view). I would suggest Mr. Javed to study about KSA and look at the statistics of crime and compare it with his loving western countries. There is ‘system’ that is working here. Islam is not just religion that talk and talk, it gives system as well. His loving American still trying to find (even after 2500 years of their birth of religion) that “how to sit in front of a woman”. Mr. Javed, please tell them that Islam gives the solution. They don’t have to publish hell of books, literature and conduct discussion about it. The solution is simply, lower of gaze.
    Yes, unfortunately we are far behind now (as far as technology is concern only). But it happens. Yes, in 14th century when there were dark ages to Britain, we had been doing eye surgery (again, read history or watch documentary “Islam in Europe – When Muslims Ruled in Europe”.
    The Britisher wish to go to Spain (kortoba) to have higher education. They embark wearing shorts and T-shirt and when come back from Spain after several years, they dressed up with Coat, pent, tie, tuxedo, hat and a shiny shoe. Yes, these all invented by Muslims of Qurresha that we hardly hear or talk about. Since we forget our history, we feel this nice suit that is symbol of gentleness, is the asset of Gora sb. No, it’s not at all.
    I would suggest Mr. Javed to limit himself to current affairs or dirty politics only. Please don’t touch the history of Muslims and most importantly ‘Islam’. This is height of a narrow minded person that he compare nail cutter with the nuclear bomb.
    Jazak’Allahu Khayrun Katheera Fidarayn wa Ahsaanul Jaza

  10. We are muslims but first of all we r human beings and instead of criticising others we must try to make ourselves good human beings. Humanity is the biggest religion. Agar koi bura hai to us ko Allah par chor do. This is not our job to criticize other. Maybe Allah likes that person more than us. So Don’t be so judgemental..dunya ka sab say asaan kaam kisi ko criticise karna oar apnay app ko aalim fazil samjhna hai. Allah mujhay oar ham sab ko seedhay raastay par anay ki tofeeq day, ameen..

  11. Dear Mr. Javed, I am from Saudi Arabia and I am a regular reader of your articles. What I feel you have a handsome grip on politics but your awareness about Islam is very much poor. your research about Saudi law for research scholor is almost zero. so whenever you try to write about Islam, you do write nothing more than rubbish. For example About Tahir-ul-Qadri every one knows who is he (except you). I wonder that you are not informed about him and you are a journlist. For your informatiion here in Madina there is a University (Jami’a Islamia) for reasearch and how those reasearchers are being facilitated, that you can not imagine. And that so called Dr. can never be permitted to come here because of his believes. you need to watch clips on Youtube about him. Secondly, about library, perhaps you visited Masjed-e-Nabvi but did not visit library on the first floor of Masjid-e-Nabvi. I am sure if you made any visit you never wrote like that. Thirdly, yes we have a bright past and present also, but who’s responsibility to tell the world. Ofcourse your’s !!. do you know our two youg guys from Karachi developed an anti virus, and they claimed that no virus can be escaped. And I am sure, INSHA’ALLAH, our future is also bright. But I am really sorry to say your past few articles really lost your cradibility, that you achieved in years. I will be waiting you explaination in any one of your article.

  12. I am sending link of one of the Tahir Qadri’s video, watch and decide yourself. Hurry up because Minhaj IT experts delete this video as they come to know.
    Azam M

  13. Those who criticize Dr.Tahir ul Qadri are unaware or what i can say ignorant people.They never heard him,never want to know what is his concept of islam,what he is doing for the betterment of Muslim ummah and Muslim youth around the globe.Those who criticise they just listen from others and believe on that which is not good and against the spirit of islam.I pray for all such kind of people that they come out from this state of ignorance.

  14. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri is the greatest scholar and revolutionary leader of Muslim Ummah.
    Javed Ch. sahib I appreciate your cloumn.Also write on other services of Dr. Sahib in the field of education,welfare etc

  15. Shayk-ul-Islam Dr.Tahir-ul-Qadri is the most misunderstood personality among” illiterate Religious & Secular Extremists” in Pakistan !

  16. A great article. It highlights the weaknesses of the current Ummah. Regardless of praising Qadri sahib, as he is also one of the leader of sects, its really amazing to express our weakeness the way you did. I am fan of your articles and love to read it. My only request is to be carefull when you try to project or give an example of any controversial personality like Tahir Qadri. Among many of our people they believe that he is misled person and trying to preach what is not the real Islam. He is misleading people by false teachings and promoting a new sort of Sufism which is not in Islam. I do not it is true or not because I never watched him. I have watched Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed sahib who was really a scholar and taught a real meaning of Sufism. Self relfection….

  17. Ch.Sahab, Apka message acha hai per galat admi ko choose kia hai.Dr.Tahir ko Saudia mai ziyada din stay kernay say nahi roka gia balkay usay Saudia say nikala gia aour no entry ka sign bhi uskay hath mai thama diya is base per kay wo shakhs Saudia mai firqa warana ko hawa day raha tha aour Masjid-e-Nabwi mai bajamat namaz nahi pertha tha aour theek namaz khatam honay kay bad apnay kuch bando kay sath jamat kerwata tha aour uski is herkat per Saudi ki govt nay usay black list qara day ker nikal diya hai.mai yah sab batain is base per kah raha hon kay mai Madinah mai rehta hon aour iski yah herkat to hamai khud Saudi bataty hain jo hamaray lye afsos nak hai.mujhay hairat ho rahi hai kay is youtube walay dour mai apki nazar in sahab per bhi nahi pari jis ki majliso mai nacha gana hota sofiasim kay nam per. kis islam ko yah study ker rahay hain,zara ap bhi gour kijiye.

  18. Dear javed i am one of the fan of ur columns. magr nail cutter parh kr mai bohat pareshan huwa k aik tehqiqi column nigar ne bger ksi tehqiq k aik gumrah aur munkir e ijma shakhs ko aik super hero scholar bna kr pesh kr diya jis k mutaliq us k ustad maulana Ahmed saeed kazmi sahib ne frmaya k ye shakhs gumrah ho gya hai aur aur anay walay zamanay men is se bray nray fitnay zahoor men aaen gay. in k dusray ustad maulana abdul rashid jhangvi sahib ne b inhay ijmae umat k inkar per gumrah qarar diya.
    details chahyen to ye books zrur parh kr daikhen ta k apko pta chalay k Ulemae pakistan ki aksriyat isay gumrah aur gumrah gar qarar daiti hai. to ab hum apki manen ya ulema ki aksriyat ka mauqaf manen. faisla aap per hai!

    ZARBE HAIDRI by Maulana Ghulam Rasool Qasmi
    2- YE SUB KYA HAI by Allam Faryad Ali Qadri
    3-ISLAM AUR VIRUS E MASEEHIYAT by allama Bashir ul Qadri
    4-Mutnaza tarin shakhsiyat ny nawaz kharal
    5- KHATRAY KI GHANTI by Allama Abu Daud Sadiq
    6-MUFTI KHAN MUHAMAD QADRI KA INKISHAFATI INTERVIEW by Allama Faryad Ali Qadri (mufti khan muhammad sahib sabiqa minhaji hein aur ab is se alehda ho chukay hen)
    7-AURT KI DIYAT by Allam Ahmad Saeed Kazmi r.a
    8-Diyat ul mirat by Maulana Abdul Rashid Jhangvi

    hadis men hai meri ummat ki aksriyat kbhi gumrahi per jama na hogi (to kya ulema ki aksriyat gumrahi per hai ya dr tahir sahib?) faisla aap kr len.
    aik aur hadis men hai jb bhi ikhtilaf daikho to bray giroh k sath ho jao (bra giroh konsa hai aur uska kya muaqaf hai ye bhi ap khud tehqiq kr len)

  19. Javed Sb.

    I was one of your fans and always misunderstood that you have in-depth knowledge and research on the subject before writing your columns. Mujay afsos hay k mera khayal ghalat hay. Ap say request hay k sahafti zimadarion ko pora krtay hoay munasib research kr lia krain. Aik aadmi agr 4000 books likh daita hay tu aalim e deen nahin ho jata na research scholar. Kia ap yay behter smajtay hain aik Shakhs Madina Shareef main bayth ker Ummat ko gumrah krnay walay aqqaid ki books likhay or yeh keh kr promote kray k Madina Shareef main bayth kr likhi gai hay or hmaray Aashiq e Rasool awam is base pay us ko hathon hathon khreedian or un Gumrah kun aqaid ko such man k amal shuroo kr dain?

  20. ap ne thek kaha javed sb.
    but im sorry to say that ap b amly zindagi mein kiun nahi ate.
    drawing room mein beth kar colm likhna asan hai lakin logon k darmayan niklna mishkil:
    ap ko b chahye k ap b schools,markets,roads,squares,factorys, hotels mein aye or logo ko social values batain.
    is k liye ap ko koi organisation b banani pare tab b koi haraj nahi.
    i”ll be with you.
    kind regards

  21. Javed Sahib, First of all I congratulate you for expressing your gratitude for a prominent Muslim Scholar. May Allah increase in your writing Power and bless you with more courage. If we take into consideration our scholars other than movies stars, i believe , we are doing something for our nation …

  22. Dear Javeed
    Dr. Tahir is nice person and he is trying his best to do some work for dustig the real face of islam
    I have heard his lecture of 13 hrs on SHAN E MOLA ALI (A.S)
    Tody is going war on thinkig only
    Jin logo na mazi ma islam ko nuqsan pohnchya tha wo tola aaj b usi trrha islam or muslamano ko nuqsan pohncha ra ha
    Faisal raza abdi na b khull k baat ki thi abaasi k program ma
    Bs javeed sb Mola Pak sb ko hidyat dann bs
    Hour zehn ma sirf 2 chezo ka basera ho chka ha
    Hayyy paisaaaaa
    Hayyy larkiiiii

  23. Jave Ch. Sahib kay column kay havalay say beshtar logon nay Jnab Tahir-ul- Qadri sahib kay he gun gaey hein.Aour column ki rooh ki tarf kisi nay aanay ki koshash nhi ki , woh yeh k ham aik mazi prast qoum hein “Pidrm sultan bood” ka geet alptay rehtay hein. Mazi ki shan-o-shoukat par brha fakhar krtay hein aour os kay charchay mein he magan rehtay hein. Hall kay baray mein kuch naheen sochtay keh hall ko kis tara behtar bnana hay dunia mein taqat aou izt kis tara hasil krni hay? kion k taqat kay bghair yehan tou zinda rehna he mushkal [email protected]
    BATOON AOUR TAQRIROON KAY KHOUL SAY BAHAR NIKLTAY NAHEEN , AMAL KI TARF AATAY NAHEEN. ULMAEY KRAM NAY QOUM KO BAY MAENI AOR FAZOOL MSAEEL MEIN ULJHA RAKHA HAY. Kisi sahib nay Mahateer Muhammad ki msal di hay keh unhoon nay Mlaeyshia ko traqi ki rah par dala. kis tara dala ? Mazhab ko mssajid tak mahdood kr kay. Ab Bangla Desh ki Supreme Court nay aik inqlabi faisla dia hay Keh Koi mazhabi jammat siast mein hissa naheen lay skti…..Kia danshmandana faisla hay …. Kash hamaray Mulk mein bhee koi aisa Jurrat mandana faisla krnay ki himat kray , phir he qoum bayamli kay khoul say bahar nikal skti hay.warna mazhabi rahnma tou qoum ko mazi ki shan-o-shoukat ki loorian sun ,, suna,, kar sulaey rakhein gay.

    With Regards

  24. Muhammad Irshad(Kuwait)

    Sir app ne bilkul sahi likha aur yeh aane wali nasal ko aur aj kal k molviyon ko bi sochna chahiye…Thanks sir

  25. ch sahib tahir ul qadri kabar parasti ki taleem deta hay aur pure sufism ka mannay wala hay aur saudia easay bud aqqeda logoon ko panah nahi deta. aap ki islamic knowledge lagta hay thori less hay warna aap tahir ul qadri jaisay sufi ki himayat na kertay, dont take it personaly..

  26. very nice thoughts… aey kash k hamin akal aa ajey… likan jab tak ye soch ham main se her aik insan main develop nahi hogi ham badal nahi sakin ge. Hamara sb se bara masla he yehi hia ham apni soch nahi badal sake…. aj bi amal ki bajaey takreeron ko tarjeeh dete hian… yehi waja hia ham her jaga zaleelo khawar hote hian….

  27. Javed Chaudhry has beautifully highlighted & summarized the deplorable State of Muslim Ummah.people like dr.tahir-ul-qadri are only hope for for bringing back the lost glory of Islam .

  28. Why u people r criticizing Javed chaudry if he has written some reality of Muslim Ummah,plz try to think out of your sectarian boxes and understand message of peace from Dr Tahir Ul qadri

  29. Dr Tahir Ul Qadri is nothing but a human being ,so just overlooked his errors and compare him with other scholars and you all people will come to know that he is much ahead of them in research,wisdom and has contributed to society very well.

  30. Dear Javed saab,
    Thanks for writing such an Excellent Article.
    I loved the line when you said “We cannot impress today’s minds with our past glories”.

  31. AOA
    JAved Sb
    v nice coulomn .Allah Dr Muhammad Tahir ul qadri Sb ki Umar draz fermaye .Ameen

  32. javed sahib you have promoted person which has really misguided muslims by using islam.so kindly try to look things with reality

  33. Javed Chaudhry has beautifully highlighted & summarized the deplorable State of Muslim Ummah.people like dr.tahir-ul-qadri are only hope for for bringing back the lost glory of Islam .

  34. Javed sahib. I agree with you 100%. The dilema is that all the middle eastern countries are ruled by the crap. they are not only ignorant but also fools who are not having love for education or catching up with the pace of this world. I wish middle east could change and all the idiots must leave these countries and leave these countries in the hands of the real Muslims and those who love people and humanity. These leaders are ignorant, devils, full of lust for wealth and amenities, and disloyal to their people and Ummah as a whole. May God curse on them.

  35. great article.the services rendered by dr.tahir-ul-qadri are unparalleled in this era. his recent fatwa on terrorism has brought the revolution in hearts of whole world.he is the only moderate scholar of Islamic world who is working day and night to eliminate all kind of Secular & Religious Extremism ,.May Allah give him long and healthy Life.Ameen

  36. Javed Sahib mein to aap ko well informed column nigar samajta tha.

  37. Jved sab aap ne hamari qoum ki majmoi nafsiat ko ahsan andaz me ujagar kia he or agar hamari yahi rawish rahi to hm aainda 1000 sal bd b aqwam e aalam me bawaqar muqam hasil nahi kr saken ge. hamen apni jihalat or tang nazri ko kuliatan khatm krna hoga. Allama iqbal ne kaha tha : magar wo ilm k mooti, kitaben apne aaba ki
    jo dekhon un ko europe me to dil hota he seepara” ye hamari meeras thi k hm ilm k culture ko farogh dene wale log the or ye khazana kha mashriq se meile ya maghrib se, is k husool k liy tAYYAR REHTE THE. SEERAT KI KITABON ME YE LIKHA HE K GHAZWA E bADAR k qedion ko fidya me madine k 10, 10 bachon ko likhana perhana lazmi qarar dia gaya tha agarcha wo kafir the. kash aaj hm jo khud ko nabi k aashiq or nabi ki seerat k percharak qarar dete nahi thakhte Huzoor k oswa ki is jhalak pe b nigha dal len to shayad hamre muqaddar ki siah raat ka khatma qareeb ho sake.

  38. your article point out some real facts of our society and whole Islamic world.

  39. If this man is Islamic scholar then ummat ka Allah Hafiz.

  40. javed bhai tahir ul qadri ka jo pehlu ap ne pesh kia hai wo bilkul ghalt hai….lahore high court is bande ko jhota,zaleel,aur shuhrat ka bhooka jese khatab se nawaz chuki hai…aur jo banda logon ko apna sajda karne se nai rokta …main nai samjhta k wo islam se thora sa bi samjhdar hai……

  41. salam ! javeed sb hme khud ko theek krna hoga hme aik zinda qoom ban’na hoga,hm aksar kehty hain k ye islami mulk aisa hai wahan ye ho rha hai… hmri b tou koi ghalti hi nai phr,,,,,hm haqiqat ka samna nai karte but bht jald inqalab aa skta hai agr hm aaj se khud ko badalne ka ehd kae len……. thanks

  42. A.A javid sb i love you so much…..its my pleasure
    haqeqat ya k hum din se bhot pechy huty ja rahey hi kun k hum ny ulya ka ehtiram or unki qadar chor di tu Allah pak ny humy hamry hall py chor dia ……… Koi tu ay ga jo badly ka sub kuch
    Allah pak humein deen sy mohbbat ki tufiqe ata farmay ameen.

  43. Dear Jave Ch sahib, like thousands of other people I am one of regular reader of your columns. I am shocked to read today’s column “Neil Cutter”. Unfortunately, it seems that you have never watched Qadri sahib’s lectures on TV. He is an innovator in islam. Whetehr it is Quran or Hadiths, he invents new meanings to Quran, its interpretation and invents new Hadiths. He misguides muslims in the name of islam. I will earnestly request you please don’t write things which may mislead the novice mind and consider you as promoter of Qadri sahib and his philosphy. If you have any doubts please watch Qadri sahib on Youtube.

  44. Mr.chuhdry Qadri sb kuch esy aqayed pe yaqeen rukhty hyn jin ka islam se door ka taluq b nuhi yeh waja hu skti hy k saudia walo ne refuse kr dia hu wagrna tu sencron pakistani saudia se mazhbi taleem hasil kr k aty hyn bulky waha kafi arsa sy darso tudrees se wabista hyn

  45. javeed bahi agar aik admi mahater mahamad malashya ko ashian tiger bana sakta hai to is ka matlab hai k qaum ko age lane me hukumrano ka bi bara hat hota hai likin hare muslim badqismat hai k jo like pare log hai wo mazdori kar rahe hai aur jo sifarshi hai wo bare bare seton par bate hai to hum kaise dosre aqwam ka mukabla kar sakte haihum log sirf paise k gulam hai agar koi gareb aqal wali bat karde to log hanste hai agar koi ameer bewaqofi wali bat karde to sab use dad dete hai

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