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Moajzay Ke Intazar – Javed Chaudhry

IBITIANS.com presents this column, which was refused to Published by Express News,but Javed Chaudhry provided us to publish.
This column is about Peoples Aman Committee….



  1. Dear All,salman is 100% right.hum loog sirf rotay hainor is kay ilawa just batain kertay hain laikin khud khush nahin kerty.sawera have u ever forced ur father or your brothers to go out side and yell on the governament??not at all.every one is afraid and expecting from the others to take stand.this is not the way.miss sawera go to mall road and protest there and do not wait for the robin hood to bring the good time.or do not cry for the change in pakistan.all the governament officials and parties are on the same platform internaly and they are just making the drama infront of the public.all the currept and guilties are in governament and they all are the same.we have very short time and we will see that soon we will loose pakistan just coz of these basterds.Rehman malik doesnt know to recite Qul Hu Wallah Hu Ahad even and he is our minister.lollllllllllllz….just have a look on Raja Riyaz,does he look like a normal and pious person to be in Governament????he even cant speak urdu in the right accent.i wish i could shoot them all but i am also a pakistani and raising a family.I am also afraid to take the first step like Miss.Sawera…Who Will Bell The Cat…………

  2. Well i would like to ask sawera sami k jin 17 crore awam ko wo khayi mein gira rahi hein un mein si aik khud b hein. Aur duusro ko awaz uthanay k liye kehnay wali ye khud kiu awaz nahi uthati.

    Khud kuch kiye bina 17 crore awam ko khayi mein giranay wali ye kon hoti hein?

  3. MQM hamary media kay liy shajar e mamnoa hay, kion kay isay charnay say zindagi ka darakht par kizan aasakti hay. aap nay jurat ka suboot dia hay

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    On other such pages, urdu comments are very well taken.

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  6. Sirf Allaha Rahm Kare,warna Mulk ka Kiya hoga Pata nahi!

  7. Oh my God. . .

  8. mahwish chaudhary

    is tarha k halaat main zate makasid r dost ki doste ko bhulata hoa insaniat k nata r asaolan toar par 300 afraad ko griftar kia jae.wkt k yahi takaza ha…

  9. well well ye 17 cror awam deserve kerti hai…k wo khai mein giry…itna sab kuch honay k bawjud sab khamosh tamashai banay hovy hein…q???
    koi awaz q nahi uthata?

  10. Han Wesi Yeh to hia!!

  11. Sir,Mojzay ab nahi hon gey. Awam ko chahye k hosh mein aaey. Faisla karey k usay kya karna hai. Irani inqilab jese aik Inqilab ki zuroorat hai

  12. ppp & mqm both are bhatta khore.
    the ultimate goal of both parties to destroy our country.awam must think abt this

  13. but what is the solution of this….?ye sab isi tarah chalta rahe ga aur Awaam piste raheen ge

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