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Facebook 2 – Javed Chaudhry

What JC has learned from Facebook? His 2nd Column on Facebook, after joining what he has experience and gone through different things.A unique column by Javed Chaudhry!

Note:  Click Here to Read FACEBOOK (Part 1)



  1. ch sab hum dsry mulkon ko q like krty hain uk usa canda ksa es tra plz zror jwab dainy mai ny 2 chizin not ki hain ek to wahan safai hy stret road park apko har jaga saf nazar ay gi kesi bi jagi gndgi ni hogi ddoja securty har koi saf hay but kuch ilaqy hain usa or uk mai jahan ratko ya din ko bi problam bn jati hy

  2. well ch sab i agree with u but our nation is divid in some groops har koi apni bat mnwany ki koshish krta hy koi kesi ki bat ko bardashat ni krta kia hi acha ho k hmara mulak bi dosron ki tara prograss kry

  3. Javed

    Make Allah ALmighty the witness and say that you do not have information/knowledge that Imran Khan is propped up by the army

  4. Razi Muha,mmmad

    Dear Javed Sir
    that was classical article i agree with your observation we have to do a lot for Pakistan we can change it future

  5. javaid bhai,asslam,o, aliakum
    ap boht ache insan hun gai ykeenan main aap ko ‘KAL TAK’ ki had tk jaanta hun boht achi saaf aur seedhi baaten krtay hain jo baithay howe mehmaanun ko aap k programe main bzaahrn kaafi talkh mehsus hoti hain, sir ham kia kren? ya hmen krna kiya chahiye? kiya ham ye aap se ziyada nahi jaante? ba,wjud is k 8.pm se 9,pm k talk shows 9,pm se 9.45.pm ka boht hi ehm khabrnaama 10.pm se 11.pm k again talk shows 11.05pm se 12.am k spiecy n funy talk shows.
    javaid bhai aap hzraat ek programe ek ghentay ka jis main koi 20 se 25 mint ki breaks leya krte hain matlb 35 se 40 mint aap ek hazrt hmaari tawwjo ka markz bnay rehte hain baaki ki tawwjo braeke auu isi trah 3 hzraat 4.th khabrnaama 8.pm se 12.am???????
    ye mere comments nahi hain bal,k headline hai mere dmaagh main uljhay howe tasuraat ki
    khuda haziz

  6. I m als0o teenager … Lakin young generati0n sa request ha k j0osh k sath ho0sh ki b zar0rt ha … Imran Khan ko supp0rt karo us k lya r0ads pa ao or sabit kr do k hum zinda q0am hn … 😉

  7. Dear Ch Javed sb

    Aslam alaikum
    You did a great job and we hope you will keep it up.I think its better if you invite MR IMRAN KHAN in your prograame and discus all these issues….to satisfy rest of our friends who wrote coments and asked the different questions.
    God bless you….
    Khuda Hafiz


    Javeed bhai u write so well.plz write on education system in punjab

  9. When Changgez Khan was thinking about to attack Bagdad, The muslims were clearing concept about crow that is Haram or Halal. Same thing is created in Pakistan by bastard politicians. Country is in worst crisis and they are busy to open old cases like Bhutto murder cases, No one worry about Pakistan.I think Qudrat (nature) has given his decision about those who didnot care about nation and died dog s’ death. I am alos worry about Siasi Shaheed. Peopls knows the clear defination now about Shaheed (siasi). Just Narray Lagao, Jahan Hath pary,lot Mar Karo, power ka najaiz benifit lo, agr pakray gaiy to sisai adawat ka nam do agr Kutay ki mot mary gai to SIASI SHAHEED ka ritba pao. Now I under stand the words and what is PPP (Pakistani Poor Politician)

  10. I like Imran Khan but I dont like him when he supports Altaf Hussain (Parhay Likhay Gundy)

  11. NICE ONE

  12. can you explain what should Imran Khan do to show that he is sincere.

  13. Javis Sb, Your observation & facts is true and exist ,I also personaly feel that’s all.
    I belived in change ownself…
    we need change…

  14. sir plz education field mai ban k baray main bat kry thanx

  15. sir write some thing about job less people , a biggest problem of youth

  16. Javed Sb, a very impressive analysis from the users view. Why, people dont trust Imran Khan: He is also not consistent to what he says and then retreats. e.g.: 1)Morality(Sita White) in the past;2)he is still perceived as pursued by US/UK-sponspored Jew lobby(marriage);3)Started campaign against MQM(Altaf Hussain) and ended up in a compromise;4)Having 200-Canal Farm-house in Pak(not much different life style);5)Seem to be promoted like Zaid Hamid by Establishment and so on..
    Solution:Public has to chose from amongst “Thieves” than “Dacoits” and it would be a best combination, if 3 parties make coalition: PML(N)+Tehreek-e-Insaaf+Jamat-e-Islami
    and come up with a clear Agenda with a time frame. Why, because, these 3 parties together with Media and ofcourse Lawyers helped restore Chief Justice, who is hope of Pakistanis!

  17. Sir u made my day!

  18. saleem altaf advocate

    Brother I read your column and I am agree with your observations,but I want to share some of my observations with dear,
    I spend my sweet 20 years in politics,To work for the poor segment of our society and want to bring change,I Provide free legal aid to the most needy & deserving people specially women & children who are in distress & detention as because I am lawyer.I Write articles in Newspaper about legal awareness of public,I Arrange workshops of awareness for women about their legal/fundamental right,I Arrange seminar for the local journalists of my locality to develop & raise awareness among them about Convention on the right of the child and for the education system of my country,I work for women participation in the development process .I work for the control of violence cases through awareness & advocacy I also work for the convention of child rights,but over corrupt political system i was send to the jail 5 time,brother the politician of over country is corrupt but our society is also corrupt.So finally i decide to left the Pakistani politics forever sorry to say over Pakistani politics is completely negative politics.I am sorry to you all,good bye forever.

  19. Jenab Javed Bahai
    Aslam alaikum
    main aap ko srif TV per dekh rha tha magar aap ny aik anmool karnama anjam deya is page ko mutarif karwakar .sir.is qawom ko abhi bhi baidar hony main time lagigy kiwnky qawmon ko baidar karny ky ly leader ky zarorat hothy hai na ki syasi makar

  20. Shagufta Naz Sipra

    i agree with what Sophia jilani
    has written!

  21. Shagufta Naz Sipra

    Javed Choudhary Sab! ye sirf aik sahafee ka page nhi aik danishwar ka page hai jis k aik aik sentnce main aql o daanish k kaee moutee chupay hotay hain,jo ranking aap ne bataee wo koi maamulee baat nhi,congratulations and best ov luck!


  23. Sir u r absolutely right.

  24. you are right jawaid sahib we are in doubt but still we have hope ,imran khan will change this country if he doest do so……….then we have just darkness

  25. Aslam u Alikum:
    Sir, We appreciate Your struggle and its a reality that You are the only hope for young generation coz we expect only truth from You n we proud that You never tell a lie. Your observations r deep n Your life is out of scandals. We get a lot of guideline from Your columns. We heartly wishes You a very healthy life and a superb career. Plz pray for us and pray for Our Beloved PAKISTAN…….. Thanks a lot

  26. April 26 th, 2011 at 9:30 pm
    pr is column k mutabiq ik question kya h sir plz read this

  27. aah ko chaiye ik umar sarr hony tuk…..INSHAALAH 1 day IMRAN KHAN will change our country z fate…..and moreover i think he requires to do his homework more efficently

  28. Masha Allah! Chaudhry Sb koi jawab nahi apkay tajziyay ka! Khuda mazeed kare zor-e-Qalam! Aamin!
    Karachi mein kum users ki ik waja shaid yeh bhi ho k wahan ki zindagi bohat fast hai aur masroofiyat ki waja se shaid log computers pe kum beth-the hain!!!

  29. Dear Mr. Javed,

    No doubt you are genius, i always read your columns, and they are attractive and enchanting….you have commented on our young generation and in a sense you are right………regarding imran khan, i think he shall fetch so many votes this time, because he looks like he is an honest and true person but his mostly voters are educated and they don’t like to come on the roads but they are silent voters and definitely he shall get votes…..inshaallah

  30. Shaikh Adeeb Hameed

    Dear Sir,
    Its really very nice article, Insha ALLAH time will come when we will be free from all corrupt peoples..

  31. salam sir, hope so u feeling bettr, anywayz sir i do have a serious question for you hope u may forward it.
    aap kabhi hamarey wazer-e-azam janab yousaf raza gailani saab se poch lijiye k janab ap jab uk gaye tu to aap q aisey shakhs k paas gaye jis k opar 234 murder cases hai ek wazeer azam ho k aap aisa karnegy tu hum nujawanu ka kia hoga? kia altaaf hussaian es abil hai k wazeer azam khud os k pass ja k minnat karey? please javed saab ye poch lijiyega

  32. Aslam O alekum

    I it is disappointing that we all are divided in several groups, there is nobody thinking about the all nation.
    Now these situation we see some people ( you can count them on fingers ) like you working to unite the nations.
    I always prey for you, May Allah bless you.


  33. Excellent efforts. I am facing one problem. I want to read your all articles under caption ZERO POINT but could not get sequence. Please let me know the simple procedure where I will have access to all your columns at one go and will ready whatever like first and later.

    Best Regards
    Naseem Ahmed

  34. Sir apko pata hai is tara ke forum hi arab cuntries me revolution ka sabab banay. Egipt me her nowan admi net use karta hai our pakistan me?
    2nd internet ki rasay amir logon ki hai gharibo ke pas na net na tv. Imran khan ko radio use karna chaye. Sir ap ne young genration ko advise nei kia ke kia karain? Ap kion ne is jwan ko sehi simat dekhatay k koi roshni ki kran nazar aay. Sway Haroon Rashid k koi writer koi anchor ye ne btata k kia karay ye qom. Apko pata hai inqlab nahron se nei qalam se ata hai our her talk show our calum pehlian bujwata hai. Ye masom bholi bhali qom hai please inki madad karain.

  35. Respected and Dear Javaid Ch Sb,
    You are absolutely right, we are the most disappointed and the most pessimist segment of Pakistani population. But there are some reasons behind it. We do have high profile CV with us, most of us have more than two degrees with them, we have good grades but unemployment and wrong employment is dragging us to the darkness. The economical indicators of our economy and the behavior of our so called leaders is pushing us to the wall. We do not have any thing in past(recent past) to be proud on and we are not sure about the future.
    We are suffering from lack of self-confidence. From the battle field to the cricket, from the politics to the economy, we are suffering from lack of confidence. We are not use to of success. We behave like abnormals when we achieve something. We are emotional, always blame others for the things we could not achieve. We do have arguments, but are not sure that somebody will take them seriously. We do not believe that LAW and CONSTITUTION is superior, we believe that the personality in power is Superior to the Law and the constitution.
    Javaid Sb, we are LAVA finding no way to get out. May Allah bless us with a sincere leader otherwise LAVA do not spare and do not recognize anybody. It will crush and destroy everything. Examples are there in the Arab countries. We’ll not allow anybody to fly to Switzerland,London, America or Jaddah. They will find no inch on th earth for them.
    Javaid Sb, tell them, we take them as our “Enemy No.1”. Tell them Javaid sb, we hate them. We’ll stand together, because we are the Great Balochi, The Brave Sindhi, The Nadar Punjabi and the Ghayur Pathan, we are one and its our strength. We the youth have no differences, we love each other.
    Tell them Javaid Sb, its being too late.

  36. Well done Javaid. Keep up your struggle against injustice in society.

  37. ASOLAM ALIKUM SIR i like your colums .INSHA ALLAH next prime minister will be IMRAN KHAN

  38. apropos to your column javed sb! i am very fond of reading and among many authors and writers i like your way of writing the most.
    you have interpreted rightly the attributes of pakistani youth. the problem is our leaders have been trying to prove pakistan a crashed and broken country which is making us disappointing. some days ago MR. ASFAND YAR WALI went to india where during his speech hi spoke the words of INDIAN media that ” LAshker e taiba is the enemy of india and pakistan too etc etc ” without any proof how could a leader can speak about any one in speeches not only in his country and not at all in abroad. why dint he speak about india’s involvement in balochistan’s recent unrest? why din he speak about ‘samjhota express incident’?

    at this forum i want to make clear to all of pakistani leaders that i am not sindhi,punjabi,pathan or baloch i am a ‘pakistani’.. and there are several thousands of youth in pakistan having the same thinking .

    So stop making us fool on the linguistic reasons.Do something concrete for us or we will ruin your life too as you people are making ours life in KARACHI,LAHORE,WAZERASTAN etc…

    Stop before it gets too late, and Imran Khan is proving his words in full spirits so the youth is with him .. keep up the good work jawaan !! Pakistan Zindabad

  39. Aslam alikum Javed chohdry sahib,
    Sir jesa ke ap ne fermaya ke log shak ka shakar hai our ye boht khatarnak hai. I am agree. Magar kia information media is me aik boht barha rol nei play kar rha? akhbar thek likhtay hai? talk showes waswasy paida nei kartay? Kia paid likhari nei hai? kia corrupt logo ko media support nei kar rha ya zyada coverage nei de rha? kia jernulist nei maray ge sehi report kartay howay? kia is qom ko siasat danon ke sath information delever karnay walay qasoor war nei? meray khyal me agar ye mohzaz pesha hi apni duty khuda our rasun ke farman ke mutabik nibay to ye qom kisi rah pe lag sakti ahi. Ham sab kuch kar skatay hai leken jab tak hamaray mahshray se ye misleading khatam nei ho gi log isi tara muntshar rehain ge our shak ho shuba ka shakar, qasur war kon hai`?
    bol ke lab azad hai tere`? agar ye lab tv shows par bi azad ho jain to to ye surat haal saalon nei dino me badal sakti hai. marna sab ko hai our sach sab ko bolna chaye.
    aj ke ferhon jino ne phatu pal rakhain hai jan lain ke khuda ne aisay kei naqshay mita dye hai bna bna kar.
    Akher me chand alfaz Imran Khan ke lye.
    Iswaqt aik yelghar hai aik akelay insaf ki bat karnay waly pe. Pehlay election me usko mukhtlif issue me phnasaya rakha, maslan seeta white, yahodi lobi phir talbiban khan our ab wo isi ka agent hai. sir mujay ye btain kia media unlogo ko benikab nei kar skata our is sach ko sach our jhot ko jhot sabat nei kar skta. Bat ye hai ke ab hamaray hukmran ko wo khatra nazar aa rha ho jo pehlay nei tha aj her koi awaz bland karta hai our ye staturs in se boht jald chin jaiy ga. Imran khan ko mere soch our iman ke mutabiq is se barhi fateh nei ho skati ke log us se itna pyar kartay hai. iski niat our khalus me koi shak nei. leken swal ye hai kia informaton media uska sath dey ga jis tara hona chaye kion ke ye mulk ka masla hai uskay pas naik neeti our iman ke siwa kuch nei. our media pasiay pe chalta hai our dosra ye ke agar imran ko is qom ne let down kia mayaoos kia to shaid ye qom boht zyada bad naseeb ho gi. ap qom ko kion nei boltay ke imran ko aik bar vote de kar dekhain bujay iskay ke ap ye bolain Imran kehi bhag hi na jai.Apkay is kalum our sharing ka boht shukria.

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  41. aik chota sa sawal pochana chaho ga aap se jawaid sahab ess kom ko shak mein dalney waley kon hai kia aap khud hamrey shak mein azafa karney waley nai…….

  42. Mere khayaal me hamen Baba-e-Qom k moto “Eiman, Etihaad oar Tanzeem” se door ja chuke hen.. in 3 cheezon ka naam-o-nishaan bhi nazar nahi aata kisi men..
    lets look into what imran khan brings out.. we should give him a chance.
    Yeh Musharraf, chaudhry brotheran waghera agar sahih log hote to aaj apni apni jagha per apna naam kamaa ker bethe hote, itni itni umren ho gayi hen in logoon ko.

  43. Insha Allah we’ll transmute the future of Pakistan with the help of Allah Almighty . we’ve sick and tired badly with the present politician Hegemony . Insha Allah next prim minister will be Imran Khan……

  44. Nice column written by Javed chaudhry saab…and i really appreciate him on his step to educate the youth of our country.M also a yougster and trying to work for political change in my country…

  45. asalamaolaikum
    i hope u r fine
    javed bahi main ap kia har bat sa agree hoon lakin aj kais muskil door main ham kase apna ap ko improve kar sakte hain jab ka har kam ka lia hame rishwat or sefarash ki zarorat hoti hai , ap nai sahe kaha ka ham sust b hai or shaki bhi ham is cheez ko kase khatam kar sakte hain ? . or ap is bare main kia raye gay ka emran khan bhi aa kar in politiction ki thara nahi hoon gay . i have some question about emran khan
    1] approximatly 1980.. 1992 main emran khan ka pass 70million ruppes kaha say aye may b ya amount sahi na ho lakin kuch isi thara ki amount hai
    2]emran khan itnay hubulwatan hai to unhoon na foreign say merrige kio ki.
    3]or aik shekayat media sa ba hai ka jab wo aik cheez ko media par lay ata hai to us ko full and final position tak kio nahi latay mid main kio chor datay hai .

    4]one thing last javed bahi main b political party ka member hoon .or mujay is bat ka shidat say afsos hai ka mukhtalif parties students ko un ka aims say dor la ja rahe hain . in students ko wazarat ka jahansay main phasa kar apna

  46. Thanks to JULY 2010 that u started to be familiar with the internet and we, your admirers, got chance to be in touch with you!

  47. Dear Chaudhry sahib,
    I’ve seen off so many years in reading your columns but the uniqueness, versatility, spontaneity and charisma of your writings hasn’t subsided during all this time. Instead, there’s a steady rise in your efforts being aimed at ushering in social reforms by way of galvanizing the hearts and souls of your readers. Again, your contribution towards making us conversant with the political vicissitudes confronting this country of ours knows no parallels. Last but not least, your intrepidity, research, indulgence and argumentative style is what has made youths of my ilk a subscriber of any publication that bears your name……!
    O priceless jewel of the crown of journalism
    keep up the nice work you are carrying right now!!

  48. javed bhai akela imran kuch nai kar sakta app jaise log agar us ka sath dain tu shaid pakistan main change ajae

  49. salam app ka kalma bohat hi muhja pasand aya kuokay is ma wo batain app nay share ki hai jo humary mashay ko tabayi ki tarfa lay kar ja rahi hai, aur rahi imran khan ki bat to hum ko kun ko aik moka to zaroor dana chahay aur saath bhi bilkul sincere ho kar lakan saath saath hi kisi ko kahan say pahlay apnay app ko bhi dhkna zaroori hai jab tak hum phlay apna ghar ko theek nahi karay gay hum puary musharay ko theek nahi kar sakatay

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