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Zero Point - Javed Chaudhry

Buniyaad Ka Pathar

Another column by Javed Chaudhry on Self Help & Motivation especially for young generation.


  1. v good sir i salute ur greatneess Allah bless u forevr pray for me .

  2. Sir ap buhat achaa likhtay hein .sir please kia ap iss per aik program nae ker saktay ye jo islamiat english mein parhai jati hay kia aisa hoba chayay pls sir ye aik buhat serious topic hay try to understand this pls mein buhat khuch likhna chaahti but i think ap iss per ghore karien gay tu samajh jein gay thanx

  3. H.Aamir Shahzad from ksa ummluj

    asslam u lykum thanks u.
    k apny javed sahb k coulms ko yakja kia.my favorite coulm nigar……ALLAH ap or hm sabka haMe o nasir ho .AMEEN S AMEEN

  4. Its been nice idea that brought in this point by Mr. Javed Chaudhry. As the fellow commentors have pointed out that people in our world specially in the third world countries there are many cases likes of mentioned in the article where people laughed at you no matted what will happen it might be to their mere ignorance or might be they feel proudy about it . Its all the case that we might think but as in Our religion is ISLAM that doesnot teaches us to act and behave like in this manner as we being a society are doing it. I guess we are loosing the true morality or essence of Islam being taught by our Holy Prophet(PBUH)..

    Kind Regards,

  5. thanks ghouri for good reply

  6. Miss Amber

    Thank you for your compliment, as Allah has given me the strength and opportunity to do these little efforts.

    I read your blogs as TPS and if you allow i can copy from there or can re-send we can have those published here also, I just invited you after reading your impressive real story, I feel to endorse positive attitude and behavior examples so that people especially young generation can have some motivations.

    and your objections, these are ads by Google (mostly) and these appears different at different times, with different text or images, and non of these could be of bad things you know as this is of Google policy, the one you are talking about is about how to write scenes ad, i saw it couple of times, and i followed the link, the site is harmless and have tips for writers in genuine, else i have right to report Google for this. The are not in my direct control as they appear with some keyword match on the page. However I applied some filters let see, i hope that particular ad would not appear again, if so then you can simply ignore it.

    Thanks, keep writing, keep sharing!

  7. thanks ghouri ..
    ..i need some mood to write things down..and today i read some beautiful talks of ashfaq ahmed sahab ..sayin DARWAZA BAND KARDO….so i closed doors so that some past keep in memory room for some period of time till i achieve what i want for humanity and happiness of my inner self ..i wrote blogs at pakspectator.com …i only write when i get emotional thrust inside ..so INSHALLAH soon i would come up with lots of stuff ..
    ghouri i noticed some stupid ads at ur site ..like this red room..what s this all about ..u r doin nice thing ….dont let any force to make it as flithy as that force it self …
    ..ALLAH bless u…..i feel great seein my fav.author over here ..and its just cuz of your efforts ..

  8. @ amber

    That’s really wonderful, and I wish if you could write it in article / column form. IBITIANS is there for you!

  9. hmmmm this is a precious truth …..
    BAIZATI,insults,hurts …they are precious emotions….for me i remembered an incident which was insult of me but that led me to work hard and get admission in mbbs ..and now i m in final yr …i remembered when i reached to a famous entry test prep institute of khi,for akuh entry test prep ..i just wanted to solve question papers there ..but they were chargin me 7 or more thousands i dont remember the sum now …so i went there for couple or more times so tht i could convince them ,one day owners sister came ..and i told her whole thing..n she said in extra arrogant tone that if u dont pay for this y u r thinkin to take admission in akuh ..she was rite ..if i couldnt afford this sum how could i think of givin fees of akuh in lacs ….neway it was some thing which made me cry ..my eyes filled with tear ..and i just left the place instantly …….when i was sittin in bus i was just thinkin that wat is my fault ..but then in a while i decided n pray to ALLAH that i show this woman one day …
    so i scored marks on which last time merit close but akuh did not call me for interview ..cuz of my inter results and reason that i did not do o levels or a levels ..and my far relative who did a levels called for interview though she achieved lesser marks then me ..neway …then i prepared heart out for govt.medical college ..and tht was most terrible period of my past life ..when every one who listened my percentage used to say that i could not get admission and then i selected on OPEN MERIT ..cuz i secured 90 percent marks in ENTRY test ….
    this story i told just to add that some times these insults and hurts are very precious ..they give us direction with passion ..and passion is what life all about ..
    …we die when v dont have ne passion…….whether our vital signs are intact or not but we die emotionally ..just look around and u will find lots of corpse apparently alive …

  10. This is a nice story for those who always say that luck does not give us favour Fortune is right depends if you can see it and make the most of it.Javed Chaudhri is known as a very brave Journalist.

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