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Wo Kon Tha? – Hassan Nisar


  1. Hassan Sb, United South Asia, Matlab, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or India K maa Bain Border free, Aik kuwat, Aik Army, Jaisay ab Europe, Ye Budho Arab, Keya aap es raay ko farog nahe day saktay? Keya ye es saaray khitay k haq main nahe hay? Keya aap ko nahe lagta k 1947 sahe nahe tha, itnay baray danishwer ho aap, aap to hakaik say wakif ho, phr keya, haq ki baat be khatar ho ker kernay main keya khof?

  2. He’s saying that noble people always do something for people like us.

  3. Ch.Muhammad Siddiq

    khoon-e-jigger say hoti hay sehar paida.

  4. OH Great Edison
    Well said Sir G
    asee bus rola paan jogay e aan

  5. Stealing of electric power is not prevailing only in Pakistan. West has better management so they have plugged every hole that could leak the electricity by stealing it. Our managers suck!

    Secondly people living in the west don’t have to steal. There income is so that they can afford it without stealing.


  6. What was the point of this article? To praise Addison or to criticize people who are protesting against load shedding?

  7. kindly provide me the telephone number or email address of bashoor pakistan office.

    salman zaheer(columnist)

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