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Aik Rooh Parwar Khat – Dr. Safdar Mehmood


  1. Just to add in above comment, Dr. Safdar should give an email address where people can reach him, I have sent him many emails at janggroup.com but they were rejected and came back.

  2. Its an excellent article that lets people know whats important and whats not. However there are many people like me who are in search of Allah and looking for real guidance, but don’t find it. I did find Prof Rafique Ahmed Sb of Gujranwala, who had guided me some, but access to him is not easy. He is available only certain days. I wish there would be someone who I could reach immediately (even if I’m living in USA),if I had a problem in this path. May Allah help me and others like me to find a real teacher – Ameen !!

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