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Behtareen Tijarat – Naveed Taj Ghouri

How to Trade with Allah, and what is the Good Loan One can Lend to Allah? Read Naveed Taj Ghouri’s latest column where he tells what is ‘The Best Trade’. Another beautiful column by Naveed Taj Ghouri. A Must Read!!! Published in Daily Ausaf June 01, 2013.




  1. Very Well written….. Made me Cry like a Baby…. I sincerely pray for you Brother,….. Jazak ALlah Khair….

  2. Really nice article i’m really inspired spiritually……..

  3. Nice. Well written. Return me my money now.

  4. good column.Allah hamein Qarz-e-Hasna ki taufeeq ata farmaye.Ameen

  5. nice article..so much nice inshallah i,ll also do which the man has done

  6. Asad Ali Naseem Hashmi

    Naveed Bhai.. Allah aap ko is ka ajar de (AMEEN)… bhot dil ko lagnay wali batain likhe hain aap ne…bhot khobsorat alfaz main aap ne sab se bari aur khobsorat tareen zaat ke aik khobsorti ka zikar kia hay…hum to gunah krtay rehtay hain aur wo ata krnay k bhanay dhondta rehta hay… bas yaqeen ke baat hay… aur sachay dil se yaqeen shart hay…

  7. awesome.. 10/10

  8. buhut achchay, mazedaar likha hai…

  9. Beautifully written! Doesn’t let attention move away at any instant. Thumbs up Naveed sahb!!

  10. Muhammad Usman Masood

    Bohat He Acha Likha Hey Aap Ney, Es Sarey Column Sey AAp Key Mutalea Ka Shooq Ba Khobe Nazar Aata Hey,,,,,,,, Weldon Brother Keep It Up…………..

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