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The Freedom of Our Secular Lives – Tania Ahsan

by: Tania Ahsan

Well the fear of Pakistani Muslims is in two things now in these times of fitnah. One the men cannot get out of the fear of losing business if they leave the interest based banking (riba which is haram),and second women cannot get out of the fear of losing their husbands if they do not look like fashion models. In addition, take as much clothes off their bodies as they can (revealing bodies in front of na mehrams which is haram).The after math and consequences of rejecting the halal is destroying this society in different and many ways. I am not saying that these are the two things that are going to save our society but what I am saying is that these two big aspects of the Muslims lives are the most important aspects, which directly and indirectly effecting our present society. There are the two acts, which need to be removed from our system .they are riba and the shameless culture. The discussion of this makes people furious and angry. I have no doubt that all kind of crooks are benefitting from the riba based economy and women’s fashion obsession .Some can freely practice haram and some can believe that Islamic sharria is no good In both the cases. Now, haram encompasses a huge number of haram concepts connected to these two aspects, which are presently being practiced in the society. The ignorance of sharria laws is the definite part of the failure of our society in political, social and economic fields. To save our freedom of living secular lives the great damage has been done to our society. Just for the sake of our close nit society and our artificial social system, we have destroyed the fabric of Islamic code of life. We have created lagoons of self-made ideals and paradox. Which are like balloons waiting to burst soon? I could describe my emotions and concern in just one sentence that ,oh please people of Pakistan don’t go after the DUNYA and care for afterlife .but to reveal this to all medium of thought and classes I had this urge to explain this dangerous scenario going on in Pakistan and Muslim world. For Muslims the society is the whole world and the battle stations are our small houses. We have removed the divine laws of Islam from our lives and we have shamefully ignored the teachings of our great prophet (Mohammad sallallaho alaihi wassallam). Another freedom, which is a favorite topic for west lovers, is the freedom of expression another tool to the road of destruction. The HIDDEN definition of which is the freedom of opening your hearts and minds for the love of dajjali system.(the system working to destroy humanity) If I may say, that actually the freedom of speech is raising our voice against suppression, tyranny, injustice, hypocrisy, corruption and evil system. Evil is everything which is out borders the halal and haram of Islamic sharia. Islam actually promotes the freedom of expression, which is the power of a conmen man freely being able to complain against the tyrant ruler. The present propaganda of freedom of expression is the cover fraud, which is hiding the freedom of dajjal behind it. The freedom of evil has been given the beautiful name to hide the agenda of promoting evil. It is a fraudulent mind game, which is blinding peoples mind. It is another hoax created like women’s liberation (AAZADI E NISFAAN) to malign Islam. The irony is that prominent world media does not have the standard of freedom of expression as in the verbal meanings of the term. Because no one is allowed to express hate against Jews and their acts of terror in Palestine etc. The hypocrisy is that this agenda of freedom of expression has been thrown and attacked on the Muslim world as a challenge to insight the Muslims. The chaotic society, which is going haywire and destructing, is in front of every person who can see a little from his mind’s eye. In fact, who does not want to live a life, and who does not deserve a life? This society of us right now is merely a society instead; it is a civilization, which is dying, degrading and decaying. The more the bhangras and fashion shows the more the rapes and gang rapes! The more the freedom of mingling of men and women the more the breaking of marriages and homes! The more the discouraging of religious thought the more the coming of secular thought process in young generation! The more the society depending on west the more the dependence on ALLAH is gone! The more the love of secular world the more the absence of love and even respect for the last beloved prophet (Mohammad sallallaho alaihi wassallam) . The prophets, Sahaba karam, Sahabiat and Aulia ALLAH. The poor population of Pakistan is far beyond the reach of any social system what so ever. The only system they know is the system of survival, which is by any means. The immorality of the higher classes of our Pakistani society are doing the greatest damage they can do to their country. They are promoting secular lifestyle, immoral social system with men and women mingling freely, capitalist economy, corporate culture and making material gain the high moral ground. Moreover, look! We are here on the brink of disaster. If we see 10 % of population living in cities prospering and happy then that is not the standard of the successful country ,.The welfare state is where all 18 billion of population is well looked after by all means . Another freedom that has been practiced as a joke of the century is the freedom of secular education.So we cooked our generations in the fire provided by our secular fathers and scholars who thought that this experiment would give us sophisticated minds and leaders. We are so stupid that we thought that WESTERNERS were so concerned for the well-being of us that we had to follow them and we could not see the hidden dirty plan, and they gave us the dirty plan with the beautiful wrapping of world class secular system with guaranty of success in this world. Therefore, we taught and groomed our children to adjust in the western world. We told them the stories of Christian heroes. We taught them western secular values. We told them in directly that the fathers today who run this world .we told our children to become them who are proudly being followed by the whole third world have robbed us of our Muslim glory. We robbed our children of their mother tongue, their religion, their values their identity. Now we are crying for chaos and for not reaching anywhere. Only for the love of freedom of this and that. If we could understand the importance of education then we would cry today for the destruction we have brought. I have learned it from my teachers, that first 14 years should be only Islamic education in theory and practical for complete upbringing and basic training and character building of our children and should accompany the course with skill learning according to Childs passion and natural talent. At the age of 15, a child should start studying all worldly sciences as according to Childs aptitude and abilities to be able to know and follow his career in this world. Today the institutions are no more. The religious scholars are nowhere. The law is no more and the humanity is nowhere to be found. So should it be goodbye Pakistan and goodbye here after? Or should it be that, we have one mighty sovereign Allah, one last Prophet Mohammad (sallallaho alaihi wassallam) as our best teacher who we love very much. We have one glorious holy book QURAN that we have for the constitution of our lives and the Muslim ummah and the whole world. We are Muslims of Pakistan and we have the education system for our children to become what we want them to become? We have our own glorious past and glorious future to look forward. InshaaALLAH.

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