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Will the World End in 2060? – Kalim Ahmad


By: Kalim Ahmad

If F.R Leavis would have studied Thales, he would not have criticized  modern technology.

Thales was a towering personality of Greece who for the first time  divided a year to 365 days. He predicted the first solar eclipse in  28th May 585 B.C. His work on right angle triangle is of vital  importance in today’s mathematics. He for the first time measured the  heights of Egyptian Pyramids from its shadow through the use of  geomatrical knowledge. Also he was the first person known to have  studied electricity. He was also included in the 7 Sages of Greece. In  one of his proverb Thales says, “Know Thyself”.

According to F.R Leavis, modern man is in crisis due to technology.

This technology has snatched direction from him and consequently he is  directionless. Leavis has suggested a university as panacea for the  lethal effects of science & technology.

A question rises here that is modern man the first one to have access  to the science & technology? Certainly not.

When Robert Oppenheimer (the father of the modern atomic bomb)  witnessed the detonation of the first atomic bomb test at New Mexico  July 16, 1945. A student asked Oppenheimer about how he felt having  witnessed the explosion of the first nuclear bomb on earth,  Oppenheimer is said to have replied something on the lines of,  “First yes, in recent history” were our ancestors so intelligent that they developed nuclear weapons?

There have been numerous references across the web about passages in  Vedas etc mentioning weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s). Does  “ancient” means “dumb”? Almost all the major scientific &  technological advances of modern society were invenred/ discovered in  the last two centuries. If in just such a short span of time we modern  humans could create such a level of advance technology, one can only  imagine about the advanced technology of human civilization which  spanned for thousand of years in continum would have created.

Modern humans having been on this planet for the past 200,000 years.

To say that this modern man only discovered science & technology in  the past 200 or 300 years is like saying, babies learn to walk & talk  in the age of 80’s or 90’s.

There was a great war fought in ancient India (references can be read  from the book “Mausala Parva”). This book states that:

“36 years after the great Mahabharata war- strong and dry winds  carrying gravels still blew from every side. The horizon was always  covered with some kind of fog in all directions. The disk of the sun  was always covered with the dust”.

Now the reason for the occurences of such drastic changes in nature  could be only one of the three mentioned below;  1, an asteroid impact. 2, a massive volcano.

3, The aftermath of a massive nuclear war.

Volcanoes are ruled out in this part of the world. And we have no  literary evidences of any asteroid impact during that period. However  what we have is the literary evidence of a massive war that took place  during that period of time. In chapter 22 of another book “Vana Parva”

Krishna describes the war he fought earlier with the Salwa King. It is  said that the Salwa King had an aircraft called “Saubha Vimana” which  the king used both for travel and aerial warfare.

Krishna says that “the sound of this Salwa’s spacecraft was inaudible  and this flying car was made up of costly metals”. Clearly an aerial  vehicle being “inaudible” shows the level of technology it had, and on  the top of that it used to disappear quite often. The term used for  such aerial vehicles in modern military terminology is Stealth  Fighters.

Pharaoh (Rameses) of ancient Egypt also made considerable advances in  science & technology, citizens of ancient Egypt could enjoy artificial  raining, they mummified their dead bodies, they were the first to  defeat angry waves of the sea and could harness the crazy winds. There  were groups of astronomers and astrologists in the court of Pharaoh  who usually made correct predictions including the birth of Prophet  Moses. It is said that eminent philosophers of Greece (including Thales) visited the court of Pharaoh to seek knowledge.

In the later history of mankind, Leonardo de Vinci is believed to have  done much scientific work. Maps of the first submarine, first  aeroplane have been credited to Leonardo. Telescopes, spectacles,  microscopes, pendulam were invented in this era. Here Copernicus  claimed that the earth revolves around the sun. Such was the  technological advancement of man in the Renaissance.

Slowly and gradually modern man emerged, modern man outwitted the  whole range of past technology. He is preparing medicine to avoid  oldage and to achieve an “Evergreen youth”. He has reached to  touch-screen level of technology which is an enough proof of his hold  over science & technology. On the other hand this man has prepared so  much atomic bombs that can destroy this entire planet five times and  so on.

This was the chronological advancement of man through different ages  of past and present but what about future?

On 22 Feb 2003, the Daily Telegraph (London) published a front-page  story announcing Issac Newton’s prediction that the world would end in  2060. Although the 2060 date was not news to the small community of  scholars who study Newton’s theology. Over the next few days, the news  spread around the globe and was covered in the newspapers on the  radio, on Tv and on many internet sites. This prophetic thought of  Newton was based on his theological and religious study. Public became  aware that Newton was not only a scientist but also a philosopher. How  did Newton arrive at the date 2060 is a long and debatable question,  however one thing is clear that Newton believed that Shakespeare’s “seven stages” will come to an end in 2060. Scientists are of the  opinion that the world will not end in 2060 A.D because 2060 would be  more like a new beginning. It would be the end of an oldage and the  beginning of a new era- and man will step up to a new millenia of science & technology. Furthermore,  scientists believe that long  before the universe dies out, sun will be dead, sun will run out of  fuel in another 5 billion years. So what after that? We would be an  advanced civilization by then and would relocate to some other star or  we can try to refuel our sun by bringing fuel from some other nearby  nebulae. Michio Kaku in his book “Parallel Worlds” suggests escaping  to other universes in neighbourhood of our universe. Also evidences  show that life once existed on planet Mercury.

This was the entire technological ups & downs right from the beginning  of life on earth to its end in the unknown future. From  the very  beginning of this universe man tried to peep into the universe and  unveil its mysteries. His effort is still outpacing his courage and  the smooth course of his action  reveals that this bloody yahoo will  continue its pace to cope with that inner instinct called “curiosity”.

Man will enter a new generation of prosperity and development. Man  needs not a university for the production of “educated public”,  everyman in himself is a university, trying to know other men (know  thyself, by Thales) can end the crisis man is suffering from. As far  as humanity is concerned, man has never bothered to unveil the mystery  of “humanity”. This is a lame excuse to blame technology for this  because we are not the first to have access to the technology. Ages  before, many civilizations have done it in a “human friendly” environment. AS far as crisis, these can not be encouraged. Wars  happen because of some bad people. The good dont have much choice but  to fight with them. In such times it is important that the good have  better weapons the the bad ones. Only then the good can triumph. If  you claim you are good and dont keep weapons then the bad ones will  end up with better weapons. Therefore, if  modern  man is in crisis,  the credit goes to human beings themselves. Modern man is a wonderful  creature orbiting the whole world in a jet but could not realize the  importance of a man.

“Thales is wailing on the dead ashes of Greece for this modern man  because modern man climbed the ladder of nature but did not climb the ladder of humanity”.


  1. one machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men,
    but no machine can do the work of one extra ordinary man………….
    kalim modern technology is like a loaded gun in the hands of a baby , which he can misuse any time.by the way I am with u in this point that (modern man climbed the ladder of nature but did not climb the ladder of humanity).hats off to u and to ur work cuz its a master piece.

  2. mr kalim its just superb as i ve been telling u that bro u went beyond milton . bt now i must say ur works are incredible and i admit that this is ur great pinnacle and a good piece of written i ve seen. really amazing and thumbs up1



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