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Island of Dogs – Kalim Ahmad


by: Kalim Ahmad

One must study the psychology of a creator also. The creation of a creator manifests the internal idea of a creator. Therefore creation is a mirror where the actual face of a creator is hidden. Perhaps it was the reason that King Jehangir of India could speculate the name of the painter by just looking at the painting.

Samuel T Cohen, a US scientist, invented neutron bomb. Neutron bomb has unique features, unlike WMD’s it only kills enemy never causing any harm to the weapons, buildings or any other materials. Creation of neutron bomb is significant but the psychology of Cohen is of paramount importance in this context. In my early student life, when I heard of this devastating weapon, I psychologically deduced that Cohen was a greedy man. To punish man and to snatch his earnings and efforts. Various critics declared neutron bomb as a crime against humanity. As far as my opinion is concerned, the invention of neutron bomb is not a crime but the “idea” of this invention is a crime.

Neutron bomb kills human race only in a zone of a few miles but the idea is prevalent throughout the world.
Man on this planet kills other men for the sake of wealth, is man not similar to a neutron bomb? One race is chasing the other with knives and bullets to occupy their lands and subdue them. One nation is curbing the peace of the other nation for materialistic gains. Why is man surviving at the cost of other men? The philosophy of Samuel Cohen is running behind this fact.

In one of his essays, Russell said that before the end of the present century (20th century) the following three possibilities are likely to occur:

1: The end of human life on this planet
2: A reversion to barbarism after the catastrophic diminution of the human population.
3: A unification of the world under a single government possessing the monoply of all the major weapons of war.

The first possibility of Russell is evident everywhere, the bodies of noble men are under the earth and their souls are wandering in the skies. Humanity is absent.

The second possibility is again evident, the living majority believes in barbarism, they are barbaric and has developed their habits according to the concept of neutron bomb. The possibility is also there in this universal society, might is now right and mighty men and nations have the monoply to rule the weaker.

I regret to say that this peculiar trait of neutron bomb has changed the world into an island of dogs.

Forlorn! We are the dwellers of this island.

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