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The Living Nightmares (Short Story) – Fatima Masood

By: Fatima Masood

Amy always believed that there is no world beyond the one she lives in. She had so much worth enjoying in her life. She thought she had matchless friends, genius brain, good looks, beautiful family and a lovely world which always remained bright. But then one day something happened strange which entirely turned her world upside down. She had no idea what it was or why it was. She started realizing that besides being friendly and nice, people have another face too, of cruelty, torture, hatred and sin, that friends are never forever and can stab in the back for no reason at all, that brain can cease due to agony and pain, that looks are just matter of interests, that family can be broken and unfriendly, that the world can be a really dark place, and lastly, that she is a special person with some gifts that not everyone has.

And it all started when she turned 21. And since then her life is a constant struggle and a constant mystery.

Sudden Death

11 a.m.

“Last night I had a weird dream. And strangely it was about you.” Amy said to one of her friends, Mandy. “What was it?” Mandy asked.

”It was something bad. Really bad. I don’t wanna upset you by narrating it.”

”Oh come on. It’s just a dream. Don’t tell me that you believe them.”

”No actually I don’t, but the feeling I had after I woke up was something not normal. And I started thinking to believe the dream.”

Amy really looked concerned about her friend. But Mandy was curious to hear the details.

“Ok. fine. If you wanna hear it.” Amy paused for a while and then started,

“I saw you walking in an empty dark street. I called you and waved at you. You were so frightened and shaky. You started running towards me but the more you tried to reach me the more you got distant. Then at once something horrible happened. I heard dogs bark and wolves howl. Some shadows started encircling you and whispering something like ‘your death is coming and you cannot stop what has to come’. Then all of a sudden I saw a flash of light or a spark. And the next moment there was all fire around you. You were burning and screaming. I tried to run to help you but my body froze and I couldn’t move an inch. And then I woke up.”

Mandy seemed to be imagining it all with a terrified look on her face.

”Hey, what’s wrong?” Amy asked.

”Nothing at all. It’s just a dream. Right? For a moment I got chills in my bones. You know death terrifies me. But it’s just a dream.” Mandy was trying hard not to believe it. But still she was getting paranoid.

”Ok. I got to go to the market today with mom. See you later then.” With a confused look Mandy left.

Amy sat there imagining horrible things.

8 p.m.

The phone bell rang. Amy picked it up. What she heard on the phone was horrible. Mandy died in a fire accident at her house. The whole house burnt to ashes. Amy could not believe that her dream turned into reality. And her friend was gone. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she recalled all the fun memories with Mandy.

At the Funeral

10 a.m.

“Sorry about your friend Amy. She was very nice person.” Jake gave his condolences to Amy.

“Yeah she was. I never imagined her dying that way. Doctors told she was completely burnt. But before that she was wounded by a dog. The wound was deep and as Mandy was alone at home, she couldn’t ask for help.” Amy replied in a shaky voice.

“And you know what Jake? Natural deaths are better than suicides.”

“What does that suppose to mean?”

“Nothing. It’s just that I dreamt of you committing suicide due to some loss in your life.”

“Hah. Seriously? That’s funny.”

“Yeah it is. Funny but realistic. You never know.”

The Next Day

5 p.m.

Amy’s doorbell rang. She opened the door and found Kate standing at the door step with a frightening look on her face as if she had seen some demon.

“Hey, are you alright?” Amy asked.

“Jake committed suicide.” Kate replied in a creepy tone.

“What? When? How?” Amy could not believe what she just heard.

“He was having a party at his friend’s place last night. There they started playing some game in which they had to give a situation to one of their friends and he had to act on that scenario. Jake had to do the acting of committing suicide with an empty gun. But suddenly he did something weird as if he completely lost his mind. He loaded the gun while saying that let it be the last act of my life and then he shot himself. He did all this in a flash giving no time to his friends to stop him or think and understand what he was doing.”

“And how do you know all this?” Amy asked Kate.

“Mark was there at that time. He told me what happened.”

“Aahh. Natural death is better than suicide. But nobody can escape the moment when the suicidal thought intends to be acted upon and one gets a strange rush to fulfil the fatal desire.” Amy thought mystically.

At The Church

11 a.m.

“Father, I have to confess something.” Amy told the priest while standing inside the confessional.

“”Yes my dear, go on.” Priest replied.

“I narrated two of my nightmares to the people who were directly related to them. And after my narration they died exactly the same way as I dreamt their death. It’s like whenever I dream something bad about someone and I tell the whole thing to the related person, he or she faces the same situation, accident or even a death, in the same way as I dream.” Amy explained.

“Hmm. Then I must say you have this special ability gifted to you from God. It’s not your fault if the dream turns to reality. It’s just you have a vision for certain things that makes you special.” Priest said in a thoughtful tone.

“But you know father my friend Mandy died of it. She once played a really deadly prank with me. She knew I was afraid of dogs and one day she with other friends teased a stray dog just to terrify me. And when it came running towards us she and all others disappeared leaving me there alone. They knew I would be terrified and would not be able to escape. I started screaming. In a panic I took out the lighter in my pocket, picked a waste paper from the nearby dustbin and set fire to it, to keep the dog away. But somehow it slipped away from my hand causing the hedge beside me burn. The dog was gone but the fire started to spread rapidly. I quickly took out my cell and called fire brigade. But somehow I felt humiliated by my friends’ prank that led to damage.”

Amy continued. “And Jake. I really liked him once. I always wanted a chance to hang out or maybe to go on a date with him. He always used to avoid me. One evening I asked him to have a coffee with me. He accepted. But the next day at college I heard rumours about me and Jake doing nasty stuff together and Jake finding me a ‘weirdo’ and….. Anyways it was all a lie and that day I lost my reputation. I was hurt and damaged inside. And then Jake also died after I told him what I saw in the dream.”

“Again dear it’s not your fault.” Priest replied.

“Yes Father it is my fault.” Amy paused for a while, then continued,

“Because I knew this gift inside me from the day it started happening. I knew that when I narrate a death dream to someone, he or she dies the next moment. As long as I don’t tell them they are safe. I want to confess that I narrated these dreams to Jake and Mandy deliberately and my purpose was revenge. I did not have to use any weapon in doing so I just had to use my supernatural talent. Mandy made me feel humiliated but she died through the same situation she once put me in. And Jake made me lose my reputation and image, so he lost his conscience at the hands of his unexpected intentions.” Amy’s tone was full of filth.

The holy environment came to a hault in the deep silence of the church.

“Thanks for listening to me Father.” Amy finished her confession. But then started again.

“And Father, one more thing I want to add. Yesterday I had a dream of confessing to a priest. I saw him getting paralysed after an accident, unable to move or speak.”

Then with a small giggle she said, “And do you want to know why I told you this? Because, as a priest, you have failed to add goodness in people. All the virtues you preach are not practiced. Humans are becoming beasts devouring their fellow men, and also, because now, you know my secret, which, I don’t want anyone to know.”

There was a complete silence in the church. The priest seemed to be shocked. But Amy did not bother anymore. She left the church immediately and disappeared in the crowd………..

Yes. Amy realized that besides being friendly and nice, people have another face too, of cruelty, torture, lust, hatred and sin, that friends are never forever and can stab in the back for no reason at all, that brain can cease due to agony and the pain caused can draw a human into cruelty and revengeful acts, that nobody should ever know her secrets otherwise people will not waste a single chance to exploit her, that the world can be a really dark place, and lastly, that she is a special person with some gifts that not everyone has.

And with that she found a way to revenge all this.

It started when she turned 21. And she has a long way to go………….



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  2. Thanx for your generous words Sana. Your appreciation means alot. 🙂

  3. I just read few of your writings and was amazed to see that i had such talented people around me… Really proud of you… keep up the spirit girl 🙂

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