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Any More Shocks To Tackle? – Aisha Aijaz

by: Aisha Aijaz

Osama dies (again) and this time takes away the speech of our civil and military leadership along with him. Everyone seems to have given their heads in rabbit holes and this orphan nation is stunned, confused and seeking answers to a million questions arising after the US led Abbottabad operation.

A couple of months ago, we thought that our sovereignty and national honour had been debased in the worst possible way when a CIA contractor was released through back door using most dubious process of so-called justice in Pakistan. It was our folly to believe that there cannot be a bigger shock or an embarrassing moment than that for us, but alas! This nation has many surprises and shocks to tackle. I have started believing nothing is worst as every new day unfolds a new series of insults to the existing wounds given to us by our impotent leadership.

Much has been said and written about the 2nd May top class Hollywood movie scenario, but no one seems to know the facts. We read, we watch, we re-read, we watch it all over again, we frustrate ourselves, all in vain. There are probably more important things in the world than taking care of a helpless nation. As people were seeking answers in a state of shock, the leading lot in the country was buying and selling ministries, breaking and mending alliances and were working strenuously for their personal interests (nothing new or surprising).

Just a few kilometers away from the capital city, an operation is carried out by American soldiers traveling all the way from Afghanistan, according to Western media. They come, they kill, they steal and they flee. And you can sleep peacefully as your armed forces are awake, are they? There are many questions Osama’s death has given birth to.

Was it really Osama bin Ladin, who had died at least seven times since 2001, sometimes by military operations and at the others by renal failure as he was reported on dialysis.

Did Pakistan’s Intelligence know he was residing in the neighborhood of Military Academy Kakul?

If yes, did they betray him, as put forward by Robert Fisk’s latest article? Or, was he being protected by them and they were totally unaware of the operation?

If no, what’s our Intelligence all about? How come the radars were all jammed and couldn’t detect three (four?) US helicopters? They must have travelled at least for half an hour in Pakistani airspace, add forty minutes of operation and half an hour back to Afghanistan. What is the reaction time of our air defense systems? How long does it take to get our PAF (one of the best in the world we are constantly told) to respond? What’s the point of this hefty defense budget and the world fifth largest army for if that’s the state of our country’s defenses? If helicopters (snails in the air) can come and go at will, what if it were Indian jets? Scary thought.

Why was ‘the most wanted’ man on Earth, who has been made the reason for thousands of innocent deaths around the world, shot when The White House admits he was unarmed? Why he was not tried like Saddam and brought in front of the world media?

Where is his body? What is a “sea burial”, which is truly the most absurd part of the whole story; like glitches of some of the most adrenaline-pumping Hollywood movies?

Why our civil and military leadership have gone mute? What’s stopping them to reveal the truth?

Why are we as Pakistanis always left to face embarrassment because of their blunders and cowardice?

Besides, I am too skeptical to believe and agree with a state whose lies the whole world is talking about, and who is responsible for the thousands of murders of innocent civilians, both Muslims and non-Muslims, either directly, under the name of collateral damage all over the world or indirectly by supporting Israel or local insurgencies in some countries. Western journalists and activists are openly condemning the long list of lies. If America calls someone a terrorist, I would have to think, not twice but a hundred times whether to fall for it. The unrest in the world is because of US state policies and the impotence of so called Muslim leadership or puppetry to be exact. Other reasons are secondary.

Whatever the truth is Pakistan is in a mess. Every time the left-over bits of our sovereignty are hit and attacked, we think, ‘Now is the time to stand up and say NO. But, trust me, NOW or NEVER is the time. They must show us the evidence before embarking upon us a phase of Iraq like misery which was started on a lie called ‘Weapons of mass destruction’. We must stop being a part of someone else’s war and challenge them right in their face as to where Osama’s body is. We must distance ourselves from US friendship; the embrace is too tight, it is killing us. We can hear our whole structure being crushed. Let’s get out of this alliance. Let’s breathe. No more believing, no more bowing, is the attitude required for survival at this stage.

Ever heard of ‘Complete or third degree Heart Block’? It’s a peri-arrest cardiac condition when there is no correlation between timing of contraction of different chambers of the heart, thus resulting in an ineffective circulation of blood in the body and a chaotic ECG, almost equivalent to a risk of sudden death, unless duly fixed. Excuse my mentioning a medical disorder but that’s what the state of affairs is like. There is absolutely no correlation between thoughts and demands of the people and policies and actions of the so called leaders. Dignity and honour gives pride to nations and that’s what this nation demands, but the leadership has probably lost these words from their vocabulary. We have stopped understanding each other’s language. They fall for dollars and are too impotent to speak, but we as a nation want our pride back. The nation wants to know the truth and if they ever learnt, they are accountable to the people under the rules of ‘democracy’, a word so dearly loved but least practiced and understood. I cannot stress more upon the fact this chaotic dissociation of thoughts and aims need to be fixed before it becomes lethal for the state.

Aisha Aijaz, the writer of this blog, is a medical doctor, specialising in Acute Medicine . She writes about Pakistan politics and current affairs and likes to read Urdu poetry. She can be reached at aisha@mybitforchange.org

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