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Welcome to our Write for Site! Program here you can learn How to become the part of this Blog and share your thoughts with the rest of the Online community. As a basic introduction to this program, this is aimed at anyone who feels passionate about blogging and want to be a part of a community members who share same interests. Since this blog is focused on Pakistan, Politics, Current Affairs and Social Issues, so this program might not interest someone having different ideas to share! However the topics that would interest most of the internet community if not all of them, are encouraged. So this would give you an idea what this blog is all about and what topic you should choose to write about to be in accordance with the subject of this blog. You can learn more about this Blog here

Basic Criteria

Well, we are not very strict about that as long as you are writing an article that is in accordance with the subject of this blog, However here are few things that are basically required to Join this Program

  • You must be passionate about blogging, don’t join if you get fed up of things too quickly.
  • Can write in English or Urdu. It does not matter to us if you don’t have very high-Level Urdu or English language Skills as long as you don’t make spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • For Urdu articles, should have knowledge of Inpage or Urdu Composing, it is recommended that convert your articles in picture format and host it somewhere and then use them as graphic or picture for post as majority of urdu text presented alredy is.
  • Should have knowledge of WordPress application, If you don’t then you should first learn it at WordPress.com and setup a free blog for yourself and tinker around with its functions.
  • Must adhere to our Site Policy
  • Must adhere to contributor’s agreement as mentioned below.

Contributor’s Guideline & Agreement

These are the guidelines which must be followed if you choose to become an contributor at this blog. And By Joining this program you confirm that you are in agreement with these guidelines and conditions.

  • The contributor section is adhere to You will not copy/paste someone else article, proper citation or source is needed in case of quoting someone or referring to something already published (e.g newspaper, website etc).
  • You can use the images better if they are under creative common license., (with due credit to original author) or public domain or your own creation.
  • By becoming part of this program it will not create an employer and employee relationship between you and the administration of this blog.
  • We may cancel / suspend your account at any time with prior notice, and with or without deleting your posts.
  • You can not make any kind of claim for remuneration unless you have such an agreement with the administration of this blog in writing.


Currently we are not offering any kind of remuneration to Join this program it is totally voluntary , However we do have plans to recompense in future the authors of this blog either by paying them in Cash on per article basis or having an Adsense Revenue sharing program.
Promotion of your Own Blog/Website and Social Networks Profiles

Yes we very much encourage this, you can freely promote your own web site or blog in each of your article, However don’t put this in a manner that could annoy the readers, the best way to get acknowledged is having a little introduction at the bottom of your article with your website/blog or social profiles. So chances are that while reading an article people would take notice of your own blog or website and visit it that would ultimately lead to higher traffic rank and popularity for your website as well as for you as an individual.

However you will be mentioned at contributors section (on sidebar) having a permanent link of your posts.

Sign up Today!

To sign up with this program please email some details in below format in order to create an account for you. We will email you back login and password.

  • Name. Firstname _ Lastname
  • Preferred Nickname
  • E-mail to be associated with your account. Should have gravatar associated to it or send us an image of 100×100px
  • Location: City,State,Country
  • Website/Blog you may own
  • Twitter Profile Link (If you don’t have one Setup one for free at Twitter.com)
  • Brief Introduction about yourself

That’s all ! our email is ibitian [at ] gmail.com to send above details. [at] should be replaced by @ with no spaces. Alternatively you can use this contact form. We would try to get back to every sign up request, However please note our response could be delayed due to various factors including higher number of requests that we may receive at a time and also if you have provided insufficient information. We guarantee that your personal information would be safe with us, and we will not reveal it to any third-party. Therefore please be as much accurate as possible.

Looking forward to see you on board and join the party and let’s rock the internet our way :-}

Cheers !

Team Bashaoor Pakistan
Behind the Curtains – Across The Lines


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    a great men may allah give hime place in heavan ameen.

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    ustad q zrori hota hai? aur uger na mily tu kia hota hai?

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    writing by the name of band ankhun kay samny


    salam, was pleased to watch this a great knowledge for youth
    i abdul qadir am also a representative of youth . I am the youngest regular columnist and book writer of pakistan. have written 2 novels as well and one drama which be v soon be played on a famous tv channel

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  11. Brilliant Idea!Would surely contribute 🙂

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  14. Hi, I can?t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please 🙂

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    Assalam o Alaikum all of u!
    Ghouri bhai, sory to late reply..

    I have been busy for few weeks , but Insha Allah I will contribute here.

    I will try ro send my article asap…


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  24. this blog i think is good for those peaple in pakistan and abroad who want to share knowdge and ideas with respect to pakistani sociaty.it like a forum to start writing for fun and polish the skills of writing.

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