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La Belle Patrie: Beautiful Homeland

By: Anum Syed LA Belle Patrie: Beautiful Homeland In recent times, there are so many articles by different journalists, complaining about the abusive treatment of Officials of Pakistani establishment, by the American authority at different airports of United States. Well, ...

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Do We Deserve This Type of Humiliation?

By: Anum Syed Bravo La France! et des Francias, Je suis très fier de vous. c,est comme ca que ont a lutter pour avoir notre droit social. Pour protager,votre droit c’est tres important du lutter contre la fascism pour votre ...

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It is A True Story: Imagine It is Happening

By: Anum Syed After reading detailed interview of Prof. Ahmed Rafique Akhtar and Ikisveen Sadi Ka Wali, I could not stop, my pen from writing, and my ears from listening, to the sweet whispers of some friends from the neighboring country.

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Is An Efficiency at English or Any Foreign Language, A Criterion To Judge Somebody’s Talents?

By: Anum Syed Wow, wow, wow, are we still suffering with English dilemma, and trying to prove that English is a criterion to judge somebody’s talents??? If that is the case then all the French, German, Greek, Roman, Russian, Japanese ...

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