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USA Drone Attacks versus The Suicide Bombings in Pakistan

Pakistan Patriot has analyzed the number of Drone attacks on Pakistan versus the Suicide bombings in Pakistan. There seems to be a direct correlation between the attacks in FATA and the Suicide attacks in Pakistan.

The situation is complicated when other external forces like the Bharati (aka Indian) enter the picture and use the drone attacks as justification for helping, arming and supporting terror organizations like the TTP.

The CIA’s site The Long War has published some astonishing statistics of drone strikes on Pakistan. It promises to update the site  after the latest strike. http://www.longwarjournal.org/pakistan-strikes.php

The Pakistanis count their dead differently.

The author of the Pakistani site Pakistan Body Count says: “Whether it is a Suicide Bombing or an Attack by a Flying Drone, For Me it’s the Same, A Pakistani Got Killed”

The website (http://pakistanbodycount.org/index.php) provides a complete history and time-line of Suicide Bombing and Drone attacks in Pakistan. Data is collected from media reports, hospitals, and internet. All data is publicly available and there is no classified data here. This is an effort to show the world the intensity of Suicide Bombing and Drone attacks in Pakistan.

Suicide Bombing Victims

Dead = 3607, Injured = 9189, Total = 12796 and Counting…

Drone Attacks Victims

Dead = 1296, Injured = 445, Total = 1741 and Counting…

Success Rate of Drone Attacks against Al-Qaeeda ~ 2.5%

The drone attacks have been a bone of contention between the Pakistanis and the Americans. The Pakistani president, prime minister, and all major leaders have condemned the drone bombings. The red line has been drawn at actual US troops crossing into Pakistani territory. US officials claim that they have tacit approval of the Pakistani leadership.

Read one American analysis, and you’ll be told that U.S. drones haven’t killed a single civilian in Pakistan this year. A look through one pair of local eyes yields a very different result, however. According to the website Pakistan Body Count, America’s drones have only hit a single terrorist in 2010, while slaying dozens and dozens of innocents.

Both Pakistan Body Count, run by computer science professor Zeeshan-ul-Hassan Usmani, and the Long War Journal, operated by former G.I. Bill Roggio, rely on the same data: local news accounts. But the two sites use startlingly different methodologies to reach their results. Roggio only counts civilian deaths if they’re specifically mentioned in the news stories. Usmani figures that all reported “Taliban” are, in fact, civilians. It’s a questionable assumption, all-but-discounting the possibility of drones hitting home-grown militants. Nevertheless, the site provides a look at how the U.S. drone strikes are perceived in the country where the Hellfire missiles land.

“Literally the Arabic word ‘Talib’ means student, so ‘Taliban’ means students. Almost 100% of the population of [these] areas go to the local Madarasah for their basic education,” he tells Danger Room. “Therefore we can surely categorize every single habitant of these areas as ‘Talibans.’”

Usmani, an American-educated researcher now working at Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province, also uses his site to decry the terrorist attacks in his country. “Whether it is a suicide bombing or an attack by a flying drone, for me it’s the same, a Pakistani got killed,” Pakistan Body Count declares on its home page.

But Usmani doesn’t see a connection between the remotely-piloted airstrikes and the explosive vests. “I highly doubt that U.S. drones are doing anything to stop suicide bombing, as it is evident from the data, the number of suicide bombing is almost directly proportional to the drones attacks. More drones, and we have more SB [suicide bomb] attack[s] in our country,” he e-mails.

Usmani says his site gets about 15,000 visitors a week. His tallies of innocent deaths are wildly different from the estimates produced by the Long War Journal and the New America Foundation. But Usmani’s dark analysis is similar to other Pakistani reports. According to The News of Pakistan, “US drones killed 123 civilians [and] three al-Qaeda men in January.” Dawn’s account is even more morbid: “For each Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorist killed by US drones, 140 innocent Pakistanis also had to die.”

Last month, Faisal Shahzad attempted to bomb Times Square — allegedly as some sort of revenge for drone attacks in Pakistan. That caused the political class in Washington to finally starting wondering whether the unmanned strikes might be driving Pakistani public opinion towards the militants. Read sites like Usman’s, and it’s clear that the resentment has been building for a long time. Pakistani Site: Drones Only Killed One Terrorist in 2010 (If You Don’t Count Taliban)By Noah Shachtman May 18, 2010 | 11:07 am |

Charting the data for US airstrikes in Pakistan, 2004 – 2010

Created by Bill Roggio and Alexander Mayer

Since 2004, the US has been conducting a covert program to target and kill al Qaeda and Taliban commanders based in Pakistan’s lawless northwest. The program has targeted top al Qaeda leaders, al Qaeda’s external operations network, and Taliban leaders and fighters that threaten both the Afghan and Pakistani states. The charts below look at the number of US airstrikes inside Pakistan per year; civilian casualties vs. Taliban/al Qaeda casualties; the distribution of strikes by tribal agencies; the territories targeted; and the distribution of high value targets killed in territories managed by individual Taliban commanders. See LWJ report, “Analysis: US air campaign in Pakistan heats up” for more details on the program and its effects. Also see “Senior al Qaeda and Taliban leaders killed in US airstrikes in Pakistan, 2004 – 2010? for a list of al Qaeda and Taliban leaders thought to have been killed in the attacks.

Information on this page will be updated after each strike. This page was last updated on May 15, 2010, at 1:12 p.m. Eastern Time.

The US ramped up the number of strikes in July 2008, and has continued to regularly hit at Taliban and al Qaeda targets inside Pakistan. There have been 135 strikes total since the program began in 2004; 125 of those strikes have taken place since January 2008.

The Pakistani statistics show some sort of a correlation.

The Pakistanis have a very different count of the dead and injured.

We have also presented both sides of the argument.

We have also presented a chart that shows a definite correlation between the drone attacks and the suicide attacks on Pakistanis. The drone attack kill Pakistanis, and the retaliatory suicide attacks also kill Pakistanis. The blowback is mostly felt by Pakistanis, however the attack on the CIA agents in Khost and the Times Square bombing tells us that the US also feels the blowback.

Dr. Zeeshan, and American Ivy League educated professor who teaches at one of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan presents his date and analysis in a transparent manner. We have presented his opinions on the matter.

Dr. Zeeshan’s site meticulously transcribes every target, and every person killed by place, and by date and by body count. You cannot say anything that impinges on the integrity of the data or the credibility of the person–so you have done which comes easy, attack the reporter–this site.


The numbers we quoted are from a Harvard graduate who keeps tracks of the body count–please take up your beef with him. We simply report the truth.

The same people who are the evil guys were the dearest friends of the US. Read the statements of Congressman Rohrabaker in front of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


The chest thumping found in the Murdockized media cannot hide the simple fact–the US has lost the war in Afghanistan and is now seeking a safe exit. It cannot blame its failed foreign policies or its soldiers so it blames others, the corrupt Karzai, the inept Afghan National army, and of course the perennial bad Pakistanis. All those who have lost wars blame external factors.

The Long War Journal is not on the ground, and perhaps obfuscates its figures based on the long distant lenses. The Pakistanis are on the ground.

The results is what matters. In the past decade, all the nuclear tipped daisy cutters, drone attacks and ground offensives have produced nothing–90% of Afghan territory is in the hands of the “Taliban”–who used to be good guys (invited to the White House by Reagan) and then were bad guys (bombed to the stone age) , and now the US/Karzai is talking to them again. Are they good again?

If the CIA knew what it was doing—the US would have won the war in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

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