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A Success Story – Noushah Arshad


By: Noushah Arshad

Success has different meanings for every one of us. Some people take it as a huge amount of wealth they should have. Others may find success in fame and luxuries of life.

I met a lady few days ago who made me to reconsider my definition of success. I will like to share her success story with you today. She is a young lady of 26 years old who neither belongs to any rich family nor has she enjoyed luxuries of life. She lives in a village and spends a tough life.

Few years ago, she completed her education after getting two masters degrees. Then she searched for the job but couldn’t find one. During that time, government of Pakistan announced vacancies for the selection of educators which were to be hired in different government schools of remote areas of Pakistan . She applied for it and her name appeared to be at the top of the merit list including 20,000 other names. Now, when she had got the job, she faced another challenge. She was appointed as an educator in the government school which was located at the distance of 56 km from her village. Her family didn’t allow her to stay away from home. She decided that she will manage by herself to go to school daily and return to her home in the evenings. She knew that she will have to travel for 102 km daily and bear the bus fair from her salary of Rs.5000.

She started her job by the name of ALLAH. Her first few months in the school were a quite horrible experience for her. The school was in very poor condition. She found that other female staff members were least interested in the management of school. They were even very lazy to fulfill their responsibilities. As a result of it, students were carefree. Classes were not cleaned daily and the worst thing was that the plots of the school which were assumed to be the playgrounds for students were used as toilet by the villagers. Classes were held in such unhygienic environment.

She kept on teaching in such worse conditions for few weeks. No one ever bothered to care for school. The grant given to the school management for developing the grounds and classrooms was going into the pockets of teachers. They used to say; “School bhi koi jagah hay paisa laganay ki….”

She talked to the principal and offered her services that she wanted to make the conditions better for students. She will be doing whatever she can with the grant given by government. The principal told her that she will keep on providing her the funds if her performance will be worth of it. This was her first step towards her success. After teaching the classes she used to work with the Gardner which government has appointed for school and he was taking salary without any effort. Her students also helped her to clean the plots of the school and change the soil as the there was clay in the plots which couldn’t support good plantation. She brought plants from nursery, and within a year grounds were full of greenery with flowers and growing trees of Neem.

She told students that they should take bath and wear neat clothes in the morning before coming to school. Her efforts have brought a great revolution in that school. Teachers are more enthusiastic to teach and students are motivated to learn in the clean environment. Now they have shelter and a bed of green grass to sit and study and to play off course. They are improving day by day. Government has noticed her efforts and the changes in the school brought by her efforts. Recently her salary is increased by Rs.1600 and now she is getting almost Rs.6600. She feels very contented at heart and says that she will continue to work hard and to use the government funds properly to develop her school. Although this contribution is very little on national level but she is doing her effort to educate the coming generation of a village. May be someday, these students will become the most competent doctors, engineers, scientists and professors of Pakistan . She is making a real contribution to their lives.

Personally I feel that Pakistan needs lots of such people today in every field of life. The fate of countries is always in the hands of such hard working youngsters who don’t wait for desk jobs for practicing authority and leadership. Rather they believe in harwork which is a key to success, in this world and hereafter.

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