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The Race is Not Over – Kalim Ahmad

By: Kalim Ahmad


Pak-India semi final match was termed as “the mother of all matches” and “match of the year.” Some regarded it as the clash of Titans, but who were Titans? Titans were, in Greek Mythology,creatures with extraordinary power. They could shake mighty mountains and could bring thunder and lightning in the sky. Their mythological power is now symbolic and whenever two giants face eachother in real life, they are termed as Titans. With regret to say, Pakistani fielders looked like blind Titans who were unable to see the ball as they dropped four catches of Little Master. In the same way batting Titans could not shake even Munaf Patel. However, as a whole Pakistan played very well through out the worldcup clash and deserve our love and profound support.

On 30th March Pakistan received a severe blow, partly at the hands of India and partly due to the poorest performance of senior players specially Younis Khan, Misbah and Umar Gul. But this is not the sorry state of affair, 30th March indicated the ill-mentality of our nation. This was an open statement, “instead of ICC Worldcup trophy, we demand winning semi-final.”

This is the real spirit of contest between two Titans but being a proud nation why dont we compete the in other fields? Millions of spectators stood witnessed to the fact that Indian Prime Minister Doctor Manmohan Singh wore his traditional dress but what about Yousaf Raza Gilani? When will we compete India in cultural contests? Yousaf Raza Gilani is not well off in speaking and writing even English language on the other hand his Indian counterpart is a renowned economist of India. A question rises here, why our PM is not as qualified and sensible as that of Indian PM? Who can answer the question that why Indian PM belongs to middle class family and Yousaf Raza is from uppermost Gilani class. Doctor Manmohan Singh is nominated twice the prime minister of India, here PM House is expected to see new “comer” because various political parties are urging the necessity of mid term election. Indian Scientists when reach the peak of talent and glory are awarded with “Presidential Seat”, here, “Benefactors of Pakistan” enjoy extreme loneliness and are usually under surveillance to recompense their patriotism. Why are we not at logger-head with Hindus in such remarkably demanding grounds?

If Raymond Davis would have shot dead two citizens of Calcutta would they pardon him so shamelessly, and why do we not confront India in this sense of honour? After Bombay attacks India was determined to chase the culprits at any cost, even still their determination is unsubduable, here drone attacks have made the life of Pakistani citizens miserable and leaders are no more than silent spectators, why dont we deem to compare ourselves taking into account these unavoidable facts? India has population more than the double of our thrice, still her literacy rate is higher and inflation is lower than Pakistan. They have much more universities than Pakistan, their educational system is far more better than ours, at university level much of our books are written with the pen of Indian Authors, so whats more of competition? Indians are trying to build underground railway tracks known as Kolkata Metro since 1984. Railway ministry in Pakistan is licking wounds of budget plunder, thanks to railway ministry and special thanks to Bashir Bilor whose railway friendly policies made vacant bogies an abode for wandering dogs.

If such is the sordid and gloomy picture of over all departments, why do we mourn the defeat at Mohali? Why cricket has been specified for competition and not the other fields? It is a severe cry of the day and intense need of the hour to make each and every sphere of Pakistan boom boom. Wasif Ali Wasif in his book “Dil Darya aur Samander” writes that ,”Man has been educated to compete”. Let us prove that we are the best friends but worst competitors, we are the nation of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, Pakistan is not a wind fallen mango, soon we will be the proud of entire nations, soon we will be the real Titans and “Boom Boom” and Pakistan will live longer than time, Inshallah. The race is not over because still I have not won.

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