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Pakistan! A Nation with What?? – Fatima Masood

By:Fatima Masood

 Whenever I hear a patriotic song or words like ‘We are a strong nation’ or ‘Pakistani nation is one of the best in the world’ etc, a thought strikes my mind hard. Is it really true? Are we really a ‘nation’? Are best nations like us? Do the people of Pakistan even know the basic meaning of the word ‘nation’?

A nation is a community or group of people that share a common language, culture, ethnicity, history and territory. Just by looking at this description, it’s not hard to pick up the difference.

Do we share a common language? Officially, yes we do in the form of Urdu as national language but it is so painful to see people fighting over linguistic differences. They judge each other from the language and get biased instantly. People are categorized as Punjabi, Balochi, Sindhi, Siraiki, Pashto, Urdu speaking and on these basis they are discriminated everywhere in Pakistan.

Do we share common culture? The answer is very easy and evident through the different cultural practices that are seen, which are not even actually the part of our culture. Valentines, Holi, Halloween, Basant, etc is not our culture. And then there is this huge class difference inculcated in each and every mind of Pakistani citizen who covers it by calling it ‘more civilized’ and ‘less civilized’. The class that considers itself ‘more civilized’ (rich) looks down with humiliation at the ‘less civilized’ (poor). Every time I go to the market I see groups of children begging with bare feet and hardly a shirt on in such severe cold and I always wonder that where are those ‘more civilized’ people who claim to be the most virtuous and charitable. Do they even bother to share their riches with such needy people?

In schools there is a weird race of class even among small children. And among teenagers there is this horrific practice of ‘trying to be cool’ through smoking, using abusive language and showing as much indecency as possible. And all this happens at the places that claim to generate education.

Yesterday I was reading an article saying that Pakistan is based on Islam. And it made me wonder that where Islam in Pakistan is? People fight over ethnicities, languages and beliefs. Some follow West in the name of modernization, others show extremism in the name of religion. The ones who try to be a true Muslim are regarded as conservative and out-dated by the West followers and as ‘illiterate’ by the so called ‘Molvis’ who claim to know everything about religion more than anyone else. Profane practices have become so common and are labeled as style. Dishonesty, corruption and violence are a fashion of this nation.

You go out on the road people don’t give way; go in the offices nobody bothers to serve you well, go in the schools and spoiled youth is seen, go in the hospitals where everyday patients die of doctors negligence, go in the park and its full of garbage and litter, go in the shops and everyone has their own prices on the products, go to a repair shop and your device is missing one of the original parts. And finally you go in a Masjid (Mosque), you will find very few people offering prayer but if you go to a concert or dance show, you see a huge crowd of people getting crazy and lame over the show even though they have to pay a lot for that.

The people of this nation say that Pakistan is our identity but it’s quite funny to see them acting completely opposite, following the norms of every other nation except their own. And complaining that this country has given them nothing and West is a lot better. But they always forget that they can only reap what they sow. Whatever is seen in the West today is a collective effort of its citizens. They proved to be a nation with certain rules and norms that they followed together strictly. But what are we doing for our country? …….

Pakistan is a nation of what and with what actually!!!?



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