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NASA Satellite Image Suggests Crop Burning in India is Behind Lahore Smog

The smog is turning out some serious threat to the people living in Lahore and other areas. Though the smog is ruling different  parts nationwide, but the most to be affected with this condition are the cities of Punjab.

According to the sources, smog has caused a total 610 road accidents in all 36 districts of Punjab during the last 24 hours, killing 20 people and leaving another 506 wounded.

Not only this skin allergies and other infections have also wide spread due to the smog which is said to be persistent for next some days till the rain falls.

NASA has revealed the real reason behind, and as per that India is one of the major reason of smog in the air.

The latest released image shows that farmers in India Punjab burn the crop remains which is causing smog.


The places marked in red are the locations which are involved in crop burning. As you can see, majority of crop burning originates from India, particularly Indian Punjab with the city of Jalandhar centered around it.

According to New York Times, the farmers in those areas burn the left over straw instead of getting rid of it through other means. The left over straw is as much as 32 million tonnes, which would explain the cause of the smog. The farmers say that they cannot afford to buy expensive equipment to clear the land so they resort to burning it instead.

A farmer said that one of the most widely available brand of seeders, which does not require crop burning, costs around $1,900. They can’t afford to buy them even if the government agrees to pay half of the cost.

Indian city Jalandhar is seen as the area of producing smog with the most crop burning. On the other hand, Indian capital Delhi is also facing the issue of smog.

Several cities in Punjab province, including the provincial capital Lahore, have been engulfed in haze since earlier this week.

Meteorologist Mohammad Hanid told The Associated Press that the smog is “very unusual and it contains toxic air.”

He said the smog has caused irritation in residents’ eyes and an increase in respiratory-related health problems.

With scores of residents reporting respiratory problems and irritated eyes, doctors are advising residents to try to stay indoors and wear facemasks outside.

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