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Mayo Hospital Lahore and Glaucoma Patients

by: Syeda


An eye disorder marked by abnormally high pressure within the eyeball that leads to the damage of optic disk and, if not treated, causes impaired vision and sometimes blindness. The treatment is given in almost all big hospitals of Lahore to Glaucoma patients but Mayo hospital has its own specific position. However, the patients of Mayo hospital are facing many problems, which are as follows:

Only Two Doctors…

Mayo hospital is one of the well-known hospitals of Lahore. A considerable number of patients visit here daily. But patients are not satisfied, neither with the treatment given to them, or with the behavior of doctors. As a matter of fact if you visit the hospital, especially the unit which deals with the glaucoma patients you will know at certain times there is no one to attend them. Patients just keep moving in search of doctors. And the reason for this is, earlier the glaucoma patients were registered separately but now they are merged with the out door patients. There are some times more than hundred patients and there is only two doctors and some times only one doctor to attend them all. Senior doctors are not taking any action, because they want to attend the patients in their private clinics rather than the hospital.

Lecture Schedules Are Effecting The Working Hours…

It is also seen that many times the senior doctors goes to deliver lectures. The lecture schedule should be arranges in such a manner that it does not distract the doctors from checking patients, as there are only two visiting days of doctors. Either these two days must be spared or the lectures should be arranged after the time of out door patients.

Anti-Allergic Medicines That Are Not Good For Glaucoma…

One of the biggest threats to the patients is the wrong treatment given to them. Now here the question arises what is the wrong treatment and why it is given to the patients? The answer to this question is as follows: In majority of the Glaucoma cases the patients also suffer with allergy. Now the research has shown that anti allergic eye drops should be prescribed with great care. Now some of the doctors are prescribing such anti allergic medicines, which are pretty fast in action but make the case worse in long run. Mild medicines treat the germs causing allergy to flow with the blood circulation in vessels. This treatment is bit slow but is through and eliminates the allergy. But the strong anti allergic medicines including the steroids just stops the germs in a particular force, which is not eliminating allergy but camouflaging it by force. After some time the allergy seems to be finished by in reality the substance which causes the allergy is forced to be stay at a particular area which causes the vessel to swell. It increases the tension of the eye and as described earlier the glaucoma disease is directly related to the pressure. As the high dose of medicine is already given to the patient, it becomes hard to control the disease, with the normal dose and all this cycle damages the glaucoma, which was the main problem for which the patient was here. There is a large probability that some of the doctors participating in other hospitals are also taking certain measures in such cases.

Field Test Problem…

Visual field test is performed to check the damage of the optic nerve. Simply a graph is made in this test to check if there is any change in glaucoma. It is a very sensitive test as it determines the strength of medication. Previously Lady Doctor Nasira performed it, but now a girl technician who is not a competent person now preforms it. And there is no senior doctor to supervise the test. Further more the technician does not give full time to the patients. Several times she just keeps the lab closed and sits and chats with doctors.

urther more, Mayo has purchased new medical equipment for performing the above-mentioned field test. Now the procedure of measurement of lens that graphs the glaucoma is different and shows the size of glaucoma bigger. It is just an innovation in machine. But she has no information about it and when any patient asks about the result she simply misguides them that the glaucoma has increased. She has no idea that there isn’t any change in the size of glaucoma but it’s only due to change in the size of lens. The patients rely on her and really get tensed when they know their situation is worse unless they meet the doctor who clears the actual situation.

Checking The Pressure…

The glaucoma disease depends a lot on the fluid pressure in the eyes. It is really important to check the pressure of the patient’s eyes fluid on regular basis. Now the doctors have made a new trend, they don’t check the tension and just simply inspect the eyes with a pencil torch for ten seconds at most. To check the tension a doctor at least require ten minutes so two doctors can’t easily that large numbers of patients. So, this is how they finish their work in an “hour or two at most.” It also happens that the doctor is not there and there is no one to inform patients that at what time the doctors will return and whether they will return or not at threat very day.

Sample Medicine…

The doctors in the department are provided by many sample medicines but they bother to distribute them in the deserving patients. Some of the eye drops are very expensive and are not in reach of many poor patients. Now these deserving patients must be provided medicine but there are no such arrangements. All the patients who have got treatment from lady doctor Nasira tells that she used to provide them with the medicine and eye drops of good quality. She even tries to get good medicines through her own efforts so that more patients get the medicine. But now no patient is provided with the sample medicine not even those who request for it and really can’t afford.


The purpose of website is to provide information but the website of Mayo hospital lacks much important information. For example the link that provides to the eye department does not contain any informative content. The important points like telephone extensions of doctors offices, other contact details, their visiting days and visiting time is not described. Even the space provided for confirmation of their qualification is also left blank. You can check it by following the link as follows:


Just open the web page and click on the link “EYE” under the “departments” heading.

Complicated Procedure of Documentation…

The patients who get the medical facility being provided by their office administration gets much stressed because of the hectic procedure of the documentation required. They say that some of the doctors deny to sign their application is necessary for the procedure and they are not even satisfied with the people who deal them with Pharmacy, as they do not give proper time to them, and delay their work without the reason.

The writer is a Student of Business at a local University in Lahore.


  1. yes,u r 100%ryt,m a glaucoma patient too,and fed up frm the behaviour of doctors,,,thier should b some action for such patients lyk me so that atleast they treated well,,

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    wazire allah punjab shabaaz sharif to apnain aap ko punjab ka khadam kehta hai phir hospital mian aisa khoon hota hia ab shabaz sharif kahan hai ?

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