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Love, An Ultimate Fact – Kalim Ahmad


By: Kalim Ahmad

“I have not learned to love” my friend’s voice was even harsher. I ,to my astonishment, asked “why?” In an indifferent tone, he said,”It is the wastage of time and retirement of good qualities” He further said,”love is mere a trick made by the beautiful creatures of our society, it hampers the positive progress of students, it is like a hidden stone of the sea which devastates the ships of peaceful families, it is an internal riot which suffocates human beings even in the midst of spring season.”

He stopped his blazing conversation for a while and said,” Do you know that once an American Female writer wrote that love is a dirty trick played on us for the continuation of the species? He smiled ironically and went on,”love is a form of greed, it is a thirst for beauty and beauty is only skin deep, if only beauty is the trademark of love, then it means only beautiful persons deserve to be loved, what the remaining world should do? Beauty is the fundamental stone for building the tower of love and when beauty fades away, cracks appear in the edifice of love.”

Then days and nights ran after each other as if life is a formula one race, moments turned into hours, hours into days, days converted to weeks and weeks transformed into years. This was the course of my life and I did not know for whom I am living but I do knew that someone has made a cobweb in my heart in which I have been entangled. After entangling in such cobwebs the life of every human being become pregnant with pathos and ceaseless tensions. Sorrows and sleepless nights become the very tissue of life and I was no exception. I entered the valley of love where both life and death were absent. In order to avoid such a suffocated condition I tried to contact my friend whose earlier anti-love opinion was poured on my heart like drops of acid. By that time I remarked his opinion oafish. I considered him an oaf. My life became a fragile thread and a slight breeze of cruel air could break it. I felt myself “no more”. I wanted to forget my insanity and enter the faith of my former friend. I wanted a world free of the miseries of love. A world free of the torments, agonies and continuous pangs of pains of that cruel eyes where lay the beauty of my beloved. I tried to search a world where there is no concept of “sleepless nights”.

I searched for that friend, I tried to call him but his phone was signal off, searching him was equal to finding a drop of water in a sea, the result was that I could not find him. One day I observed someone setting on the beach all alone. It was evening time and the fading rays of dying sun reflected from the sea surface. Slowly I went near the man, to my surprise, it was my friend, that friend who over whelmingly opposed love. I sat beside him, he was as silent as the deeper sea. The environment was very wet but his face resembled a desert. I asked,” I want to follow your careless way of life, devoid of any feelings of love.” He looked back towards me, his eyes turned wet, sparkling tears appeared there. I entered his soul through the hurling river of his eyes, I deduced a crystal clear result that
“He was in LOVE”

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