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Long March of Tahir ul Qadri is Funded by CIA – Exclusive Report

Tahir ul qadri Tahir ul Qadri Long March Funded By CIA, Report

Karachi: Daily Newspaper Ummat Karachi reported that Dr Tahir ul Qadri Long March against government, corrupt system is funded by US intelligence Agency CIA.

tahir ul qadri march Tahir ul Qadri Long March Funded By CIA, Report


  1. all information wrong,please correct atach..

  2. bhai wrong info u have pls correct it

  3. Agar aisee jhotee articales ka koi pochne wala hota, tu phir likhnay wale ka kia banta.

  4. Ghar bahtay news naney sy kia ho ta hay is sari report ka koi source to likho bakwas hy! sub bakwas hy

  5. If CIA funded it, thanks to CIA then for saving Pakistan.

    It’s interesting how certain people believe that everything happens to us is a conspiracy. Don’t mean to hurt anyone, but I wonder sometime do they think that their own births were also due to some kind of conspiracy?

  6. Omair, hamara kaam tau saf saf pohnchana hai!

  7. Pease refer to javed chaudhry’s article from 18/1/13

  8. Dear admin,
    What a waste of time you have posted here for an illetrate and so called educated nation. I hope all the comments about this post has proved my above lines to you. I hope after todays meeting and hand shake of so called doctor (badbakht) with yazeedi tola is also not able to open the eyes of our blind nation.
    Badbakht mere NABI ke naam pe khel rha ha.
    I can’t say anything except this dua.
    Allah pak rehm kre in jahilo pe.

  9. Dear moderator.
    Please upload articles that have at least a slither of truth, evidence and logic behind it.
    What load of rubbish have you uploaded.
    I demand this crap to be removed.

  10. sir g buhattttttt barii chawwal maarii ha 😛 mean saree pakistan or dunya ko pata ha ke qadri sb ki kitnii siyaasii strentgh ha aik nahii pata to cia ke director ko or unhoo ne in ko launch kardiya WHAT A JOKE SIR G :p

  11. The time was ripe for Pakistan. The people are fed up of the corrupt leaders and wanted a change. In this kind of atmosphere, ANYONE who stood up and promised the people deliverance from corruption and corrupt leaders would gain a following, because EVERYONE is fed up. Whoever is backing Dr. Qadri, whether it is CIA, the Army, Zardari or whoever else – they knew this. But what disappoints me the most is that Dr. Qadri gained his “shohrat” by being a religious scholar. And it is impossible to perceive that he as a religious scholar, does not know that there is no such thing in islam as democracy. Democracy is a man made system with flaws. That is why it hasn’t worked and will never work. Being a religious scholar he has committed kufur by backing a kufur system (democracy). Not once did he mention Shariat – the system made by Allah Himself for all Mankind and for all ages. That is what will unite us – that is what will make us an Ummah – a force to be reckoned with. But Allah had decreed that Dr. Qadri be humiliated which he has been, by his own doing.

  12. Well Try by reporter….But my Dear i think you have not knowledge or better see…..what’s the difference b/w 25k and 1.5M..then how can you say CIA funded this march.But i sure, you definitely got millions of rupees from that kind of such bullshits report. Allah ko hisab bi dena hai apny imals ka Yaad rakho…..

  13. what is the source of this news? FAKE NEWS

  14. we love you dr tahir ul qadri aur wo log jo aap ki buraai kartain hain jaake doob marain

  15. wrong info on wrong facts.lahore sa 6 lakh log rawana hoa.or rasta main 2 dafa hakomat na onka rasta roka contaner rakh kar.jin ko hatana k lea caranes mangwae gaeen.or lakho log wahan punhncha.onka lea koi saholat nahin the,log sardi main thatharta raha.

  16. whats the source of this all information? ppl will get bs like this publish without any authentication check.this website administer is very biased

  17. to all patriotic pakistanis incl army…pls kick this bloody fool cia n its puppets out from our beloved homeland….pakistan zindabad..


  19. I have a better theory.
    It’s the shape shifters from deep earth. They brought gold from earths core along to fund all these. They are telepathicly connected. That’s how they communicate

  20. What load of bullshit.
    Actually aliens are making Dr qadri do this via mind control.

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