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La Belle Patrie: Beautiful Homeland

By: Anum Syed

LA Belle Patrie: Beautiful Homeland

In recent times, there are so many articles by different journalists, complaining about the abusive treatment of Officials of Pakistani establishment, by the American authority at different airports of United States. Well, welcome to the club of abused person’s program. Apparently, the Pakistani elites and the people of privileged class are not use to this treatment, while all Pakistani commoners have gotten use to it since long time now.

Alhumdullil^ALLAH we have Pakistan, our own home, a name which is attached with all of us, “Pakistani” how pretty. It is a gift we all have, we just need to know and learn how to take care of it.

The beautiful name Pakistani was meant for us, it is written on our face, it runs in our blood and we are very easily recognizable. We have such beautiful, sexy shine to our skin and sharp appealing features, all this Gorra party does not take long to point us out, and starts searching every thing possible, to keep us in their company, a little longer then usual.

The irony is our elites and establishment had just discovered it, too recently that they are Pakistanis, and that is also thanks to Americans who helped them to recognize their roots. If it were not their honorable host Americans and their lavish Journeys to United States, they still may not have recognized themselves as Pakistanis.

Ala Hazrat Raza Shah Pehlvi, recognized his Iranian citizenship after being thrown out of Iran and his desire to travel, to United States of America. Alas, it was too late for poor Monarch to be accepted back, by his revolutionized commoners of his ex-empire. Like wise, our ex- dictator plus traitor has become too much patriot, after being run away from his la belle patrie… which really is a Petri-dish for experimental purposes by all Leach minded politicians to suck its blood from last almost 63 years.

It is amazing, How this land of opportunity plays very decisive role in the life of so many in this world, even for some it decides their destiny on their own lands, they do not have to go through the hardship of traveling to it… America goes to them and provides the opportunities in their life or takes the opportunity of even life itself away from them.

Few days ago, even Madam Hillary Clinton tried to be Benazir Bhutto, our patriotic lady of the land, to voice out a little bit in favor of poor Pakistanis, which is off course, completely against the agenda of her dear friend and counterpart, Mr. Shah Qureshi’s wishes and deeds. If not for the benefit of poor Pakistanis, at least present Pakistani establishment should listen to the humble order of the Lady of a Powerful ally in war against, who ever Americans think, looks like a Muslim and moves like a human being in NWFP.

People can fool anybody around them, but they can’t fool nature, Nature has its own ways to make decisions and take actions, “what goes around comes around.” The creation of Pakistan was a homeland for Muslims of then India. It was created on the name of Islam, even though there are many who are working hard to prove it otherwise.

However at the time of creation of Pakistan, majority of people made their sincere desire clear by working hard on the name of Islam, and moved on foot, unbelievable miles, with little belongings they had, towards their destination called Muslim land… ” Pakistan.” What happened after the creation of Pakistan?  We betrayed our own very promise to Nature, “We refused to stay with Hindus, and we did not become Muslims.” How the nature is taking its vengeance on us? From the very first day, we are ruled by confused, unpatriotic thugs.

We all pick and chose ayats of QURAN and refuse and deny Orders of Rasool ALLAH according to our own convenience. Some of us even believe, they know more than ALLAH subhanhu wa ta’alla and Rasool ALLAH (may ALLAH forgive me). It is still not too late, we just need to ask for forgiveness and mend our ways, be sincere to ourselves and to our creator, strive to implement ALLAH and his Rasools orders on our land. Let us do justice to our creator and then expect him to do justice for us.

QURAN: Surat An-Nisa 4:139:Transliteration: Allatheena yattakhithoona alkafireena awliyaa min dooni almu/mineena ayabtaghoona AAinda humu alAAizzata fa-inna alAAizzata lillahi jameeAAa

Sahih International: Those who take disbelievers as allies instead of the believers. Do they seek with them honor [through power]? But indeed, honor belongs to Allah entirely.

Tafsir Jalalayn: Those who (alladh?na, is either a substitution for, or an adjectival qualification of, al-mun?fiq?na, ‘the hypocrites’) take disbelievers for friends instead of believers, because they mistakenly believe them to be strong — do they desire, [do] they seek, power with them? (an interrogative of disavowal), that is to say, they shall not find such [power] with them. Truly, power belongs altogether to God, in this world and the Hereafter, and none but His friends shall attain it.

ALLAH’s Orders and statements are very clear, decision is yours. ALLAH az zujal has given us free will, to decide and then be ready for the consequences.

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