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Inside Student life of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Free alcohol, hangovers, bisexual friends and a girl called Boozie Suzie … inside the student life of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari


His antics at Oxford University would shock people in Pakistan awaiting Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s return to take over the political dream shaped by his murdered mother Benazir.

The 19-year-old’s preparation for his role in one of the world’s strictest Muslim states has certainly been unconventional.

Orthodox Muslims will be surprised to see the new leader of the Pakistani People’s Party with his arms slung casually around two girls, one of whom declares herself as “bisexual” on a social networking website.

Conversations he has with friends on Facebook make reference to being hungover, his friendship with a girl he calls “Boozie Suzie” and the joys of “free alcohol”.

Monster’s ball: Bilawal and friends in fancy dress for an Oxford University Hallowe’en event

There is no evidence that Bilawal drinks alcohol – but he was certainly living it up with his two female friends at a raucous black-tie party thrown by a student drinking society.

Bilawal had been enjoying the freedom of his first year at Oxford before he was named as his mother’s successor after her assassination last month.

It was all a far cry from the country of his birth, which is bound by strict Muslim customs where drinking is forbidden, homosexuality is illegal and male and female friendships carefully controlled.

Bilawal and the girls were dressed up for the annual Cardinals’ Cocktails event where, for a £10 entrance fee, students can drink as many cocktails as they can stomach.

The Cardinals is an exclusive all-male society favoured by the wealthiest undergraduates at Christ Church, Bilawal’s college at Oxford.

They hold the event for non-members once a year to raise money for a lavish dinner to be enjoyed by their privileged members at a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Only a handful of Christ Church students are allowed to join each year and they are initiated by being forced to down a bottle of port followed by eight pints of beer.

Bilawal and his friends were among hundreds of other students – not Cardinal members – at the bash this year.

Fortunately for him, his father, Asif Ali Zardari, has announced his son is too young to take power and that he will maintain day-to-day control of the party while Bilawal continues his studies.

Bilawal, who arrived at Christ Church in September to read history, grew up in Dubai after his mother left Pakistan for a self-imposed exile in 1999.

At Oxford he has not been seen at the student Islamist Society, eschewing the social events, at which only soft drinks are served.

One senior society member said: ‘He doesn’t come to any of our events.’ He has chosen instead to spend his time with gregarious new friends.

Two of the girls to whom he is particularly close, as our pictures show, are described on Facebook as being “engaged” to each other – Julia Caterina Hartley and Kirini Kopcke.

Ladies’ man: Bilawal cosies up to bisexual friends Kirini Kopcke (left) and Julia Hartley, who say they are ‘engaged’

Julia, who was educated in Brussels, lists herself as interested in both women and men and is a member of the university’s Lesbian Gay And Bisexual Society.

She and Bilawal are obviously close, often pictured cosying up together, and after Benazir Bhutto’s assassination on December 27 she wrote on her Facebook site: “Julia can only think of the Bhuttos.” Many of Bilawal’s conversations on Facebook can be openly viewed by dozens of his friends and countless other Oxford University students.

Bilawal flirts goodnaturedly with another female student, saying: “There is a void in my life now, it’s a deep dark hole in my sloe [sic] … that can only be filled with … boozie suzie!!”

Fellow first-year student Sammy Jay is also a close friend.

In one exchange, Bilawal announces his intention to “do as much work as possible, go to the Coven, turn up to my tute the next day hungover and with incomplete work.”

The Coven is an off-beat club well known for hosting a regular gay night for students.

The face of Bilawal appears on a number of pages throughout Facebook but only one, using the alias of Bilawal Lawalib, is authentic.

In one exchange, before Mrs Bhutto’s assasination, he tells a female friend that he “misses his secret lover” and in another exclaims “what free alcohol! I may take you up on that when I get back to Oxford!”.

Bilawal’s grandfather Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, who founded the Pakistan People’s Party and was the country’s first elected prime minister but was executed in 1979, attended the same college.

His mother was a popular student and president of the Oxford Union.

The current Oxford Union President, Luke Tryl, says the new Bhutto is “quite popular in Union circles; very charismatic and engaging”.

Courtesy Daily Mail UK


  1. All fake pictures ,shame on you write , why you showing fake ictures , do u thing ppeoples are foolish to accept your opinion ,,again i say shame on you even i do nite like the politics and any political leader but shame on you again….

  2. Given Facts or how they will turn out to be:

    1. Bilawal is Gay
    2. Eventually he will become the next president
    3. Pakistan will become Gay 🙂

  3. Aqeela A. Qureshi

    New definition of ‘DEMOCRACY’ as impartially observed through the acts and deeds of Zardari Government. Believe it or not, it is coined by Zardari and the gang of his lackies. As against the popular/standard definition, in view of the happenings since February 2008, it ought to be reckoned and digested as under, regardless of any other notions day and night harped by the PPP (now in fact meaning, ‘Plundering Party of Pakistan!’) So note it is:-

    Government….OFF the PEOPLE,
    Government….BUY the PEOPLE,
    Government…. FAR the PEOPLE.

    Think over it and believe, what is the Truth you find?

  4. Pakistani awam kabi Kisi Mukhlis ko apna Leader Tasleem Nahi Karti

    Jo Ziada joot Bola Ga Us ko vote milain ga

  5. inshallah he will prove himself as we r hoping from him .jaey zulfiqar ali bhutto.jaey mohtarma benazir bhutto .jaey shaeed meer murtaza bhutto. and shahnawaz bhutto.
    iftikhar ahmed bhutto

  6. Assalam O Alykum
    Oops and Lolz @ Mr.Freedom
    So what is the criteria of being wrong in ur point of view?

  7. i don,t beleive on this. because the pics are not very clear.

  8. Walaikum salaam
    yaa I agree with Mr.Ghouri
    yess these all are the corrupted people of Pakistan or should i say the corrupted people of the world
    Kisi kaum ka Leader woh hota hain jo Dosron kay liye aik misaal kaim karta hain
    But our so called Leaders are Super Expert in loot maar and Chori
    I am sorry to say that but its Reality and we all are facing it.
    Really jootay bhi hamain partay hain aur phir wohi jootay wapas ja kar hum apnay hukumran ko dey daitay hain k plz aik baar aur maray lolz
    May Allah swt guide all of us and give us Hidayat to see what is Good and what is bad.
    and at last a Comment by Mr.Arshad kay kaun hain jo aisa nahi karta lolz
    I am amazed what kind of people you are
    Drinking alcohol is not bad,dancing with girls in parties id not bad etc so whats bad
    is praying 5 times a day bad or saying Salaam o Alaikum is bad lolz
    Atleast say what your heart says
    Dont follow the crowd.

  9. assalm o uleekum bilawal butto zardari plz main app koo inshallah pakistan ka wazir azam dekhne ka khuwab dekhta hoon plz app urdu jalde sain seekhain oor us kai sath sindhi too zaroor seekhain kiyoon kai hum sub sindh kai loog app koo woote deker kamyab kertai hain ok plz hum gareebon ka khyal rakain ab shaheed rani ider naheen rahee hai oor hum sachi loog hain joo app kai oor hamuree party kai liye koshish kar rahee hain mugar humaree izat naheen hai per aftab hussain shah jilani joo humesha sai promise karta hai kai job dilwahoon ga magar humeen abee tak job nahen mile hum her election main ppp kai work kartee hain plz bilawal butto zardare per aftab hussain shah jilani226 koo humaree request kareen kai muje nokree dee maira name munawar ali so haji qulander bux gulshae e hyder house no19 gali no1

  10. Yehi Hamari Qaum Ki bad qismati hai, 100 Jootay aur 100 Payaz dono khate hain aur baaz nahi aate, haafza jo kamzor hai dekhna aik din hum isi shaks ko apna prime minister yah president bhi bana dein gay

  11. main to yeh kehta hon ka bilawal sab to pakistan main rahey hi nai un sab ney kiya kar layena hai kiya who is avam ka duhk dard samaj sakta hai. kiya us ko pata hai ka jab poor ko khana na milay to kisa lakta hai. jab ghar ka akhrajaat na complete na hon kiya hota hai kiya who yeh samaj sakta hai ka jab koi poor kisi rich ki galiyan suntha hai us ko kaisa lagta hai kiya woh kiya sammj sakta hai who to aj tak kisi is trahan ka halaat se gusra hi nai. muj ko namazhi par ka dikha dey yeh hi bari baat. think about it.

  12. Bilawal is the son of a corrupt father and mother who looted pakistan …..they drink the blood of pakistani nation…….i pray someone must come to shoot bilawal and zardari as well

  13. you can mail me at…


  14. I MDAD ALI ( secretry general)ppp uc rasheed wagan



  15. I MDAD ALI ( secretry general)ppp uc rasheed wagan

    ham ap ko MUHTRAM ASIF ALI ZARDARI SB k PAKISTAN KA SADDAR MUNTAKHIB hone par mubarak bad pesh karte he .

  16. i think bilal should control his self because he iz the future of pakistan

  17. @arshad
    What is right for you doesn’t means that is right for everyone. At least we have to compare it with some standards. Lets not be Pakistani or be religious. American society and western culture, where are these kind of standards come from, within all of its liberty and personal freedom wasn’t even tolerable for Clinton!!! Why because they said, whatsoever do a common citizen, a ruler and a leader of nation should high and far above of it. Character is something we are not giving value and that is the primary thing we should see while choosing someone as our leader. The last prophet of Allah, was SADIQ & AMEEN first, even before The Quran revealed to him!!!

  18. I dont need anyone agree with me or not.All the people have their own opinions.Its mine that Bilawal is not wrong.You & others said he is bad or something.Far that i dont care.May you know all the thing better than me coz i m not living in Pakistan.But no one change my opinion that this all about Bilawal is Rubbish & Fake.Its toyal nansense.

  19. Hi!i think that ghouri is right and i will favour him bcz bilal is the son of benazir who is claimed to be a president of pakistan the country which is made on the name of islam and what about this country’s leader should they allow to do such rubbish things.they all are lived like king but what about the poor peaple they even don’t think about us the person who is never sit in a bus,who is never lived in a country whos 50% population is lived below the povertiy line i want to ask a question with fatima an all of those peoples who thinks that they are right tell me that where asif zardari gets this money how benazir manged to opened billion dollars account in swiss bank how they managed a srey palace in london i didn’t find any thing that benazir’s father is a rich man or they have industries and shares. this is all the money of our beloved country’s poor people and i know one thing that even they enjoy in this world one day they have to answer all these question in front of king of all the universe(the almighty ALLAH)that they have the power to make pakistan one of the best countries in the world but what they did with country they just ruined us and enjoying their whole life in dubai,london just bcz of peoples who believes them and think’s that when they come to paksitan all the problems will solved

  20. well in these pic’s it doesnt show he is doing sum thing wrong we all go to partie’s nd have fun nd to dance or girl’s in ur arm;s it doesnt mean u r bad person look at imran khan or other tell me any leader in this world who dont have gf’s or dont have drink or party lol nd ryt now he is studying nd let him enjoy his life nd west they have alot’s of time for these crap’z like us have ony time for pakistan nothing else they only care wat’s going on in pakistan or in iran lol so i think no need to say any thing this topic should be closed now

  21. I thing that bilawl shoud leave all these type of bad habbits & follow his mother’s footsteps because he is the future of pakistan & future of poor Pakistni poeple also.

  22. @ Fatima

    Well it’s been really unfortunate if you took the discussion in this regard. Fighting!!! Why? I am not in or against Bilawal or you even. I think readers can better decide what my point of view is. I just tried to explore the things you were commenting, nothing more than that, everybody has an opinion and he/she has a right to defend it. And public forum like this site, we are here to just exchange our views, and one should be not so rigid regarding information, or facts. I am a little student of Current Affairs and World History, I respect your sincerity and know at what point you are talking about, but to associate their negative ness with respect to this article is truly hype.

    By the way I never sent YOU the smile, please read again… it was a point where I showed that I am smiling while presenting it. This is not a Muslim – Non Muslim debate in this article, what we are and we should accept it. And this is just a little preview of our BELOVED leaders and it’s a sad situation.

    I am running this whole website, not to support west or degrading ourselves, all of the articles and columns presented at this site having a cause, of social awareness and educating the people on different issues, and upon these I like that people may say whatever they want to. I don’t know why you have these feelings, anyhow no grudges… I would insist you may not discontinue from site and don’t stop yourself in discussion. But if you like, that’s also my last post in your reply. Hope you will take the things positively.

  23. This is may be the last comment.Because i dont want to argue with you on this topic because now we were not arguing we were fighting.You are stick with yours opinion i am with mine.We are not friends & not joking here so you send me this smile.I am not living in Pakistan but aware what is going there but i think you are not.I dont want to think again on this topic.But you should think again.They have time to destroy The Muslims & Islam.I think you are europian or wants to live there.But not like a Pakistani(whom you thought are not the meaningful nation)but be a Muslim think. Bhai think one time for yourself.

  24. @ Fatima

    There was nothing personal at all, first of all I never said anything to you, so your question of supposing me becomes invalid, we are discussing about someone else, whose having a character, which is questioned by a foriegn writer. I am not blaming anyone, insulting our nation? by showing what a single person do? just because he is son of Benazir means he is sacred and have some kind of holy status? no one is purified from errors but people who claims to be the leaders of some community should be accountable for their acts in their personal lives and thats this article shows regarding his level and way of life. If its wrong, come up with some aithentic material, regaridng the bilawal bhutto life, because just MAIN NAHI MANTA mantra is not going to work. West have time 🙂 do you think they really have? for people and nation like us? Think again!

  25. Ok if i put my whole then why you are over reacting & you told him that he is …… If i told you that you are homo then what you think.How you reacting.So please think before you speak.Dont blame on those whom you dont like.West have time to insulting our nation.I put my 100% trust on him whatever you think about him

  26. @ Fatima

    Blind faith to just assocition with some big names did disasterous to the society and history of our nation. Character is something which comes first, just because they are the rulers and one day they have to PUT bilawal on teh golden seat of rulership they convert him to BHUTTO from ZARDARI? to utilize the association of people with Butto name. Butto was a great leader, although wasn’t a great character either, same as Benazir and Zardari. Hypocracy is something which is in their blood since decades. West dont have TIME to create conspiracy against a nothing BILAWAL Sab. The have their issues to do, thing is that we dont have courage to face any truth and hardcore facts. And thats the reason we are sufferibng in a great manner.

  27. I dont belive on this because i know about him that he is not that type of person.I put my full trust upon him & i dont know about the authenticty of Daily Mail UK & i dont trust on the west.I trust on me.

  28. @ Fatima

    its ok you dont belive this? but why you dont belive this?

    Whats about pictures?

    and the authenticty of Daily Mail UK?

  29. Its all is rubbish &fake.I dont belive on this.

  30. As long as the nuts aren’t peanuts, because they will trigger the idea of an alcoholic drink.
    I add some water to my wine like they used to in Biblical times and like the Romans did.I rarely notice my body telling me I’m thirsty, but when I do I usually want a gin and tonic if it’s in the evening. Of course tonic water is very refreshing and I don’t put much gin in – just enough to take the edge off the tonic water. It’s somehow the whole experience that matters to me more than the alcohol content. It’s the idea and the chink of ice on the glass – but then I’m very theatrical – lol.
    Milk Thistle is the stuff for hangovers. It detoxifies the liver and is very good for curing constipation too.

  31. These b******s are the slaves of Britishers. They were educated and lived like Kings and made a fool of Pakistani.

    I will be glad if smone but a bullet up the a** of Zardari and Bilawal

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