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At the Grave of an Afghan Child – Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani

These reddish patches on your grave,
These frightening waves piercing my ears;
Tell me, the fury of your pious blood,
Trying to gush out, and speak to the world.
The uproar and turmoil in the universe,
Will bring down the heavens and split the earth.

For the sake of humanity, hold it back!

The hills and valleys are mourning your death.
The winds and breezes that used to play,
With your worn-out clothes and hanging bag,
Are full of grief,wails and woes.
The birds which always danced to your frolic,
Are painful, gloomy and looking sad.

For the sake of their love, hold it back!

Faint from hunger, with hysteric groans,
Your mother is scouring the wooded path.
She is holding your sister in her lap,
And a few breads in her hand for your meal,
You were starving, while going to school.
She is now lying at your father’s grave.

For the sake of her anguish, hold it back!

As you were walking with a sprightly pace,
Your bag had the semblance of lethal bombs,
An American soldier from the top of hill,
Unable to perceive through the morning mist,
Riddled your tiny soul with dozens of bullets.
He was innocent, but blind with fear.

For the sake of his innocence, hold it back!

He rushed to see the rebel’s body and arms,
To report to the press his gallant deed.
Bewildered at the gory sight of your blood,
With a wild scream ‘My son! My friend! he fell.
He had a son of your age and image.
Daily you both shared repartee and jokes.

For the sake of his affection, hold it back!

Regaining his senses, he dug the earth,
Buried your body and bag deep inside.
Shrieking madly, he climbed the hill,
Wrote his emotional trauma to his wife,
Put the barrel of his gun on his chest,
Pressed the trigger to meet his friend.

For the sake of his repentance, hold it back!


In the most advanced country of the world,

His widow like your mother and son like you,
Have launched a crusade against the bullets .
With signs of piety and resolve on their face,
They are wandering from place to place.
To spread the Christ’s words of human peace.

For the sake of their mission, hold it back!

Hold it back! Hold it back!
You are the flower of the Paradise,
You are the pride of the life.
You are the bravest of the brave.
Don’t let your blood come out of the grave.
Hold it back! My son, hold it back!
———— ——— ——— ———

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani.


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