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More Funny Pics of General (Retarded) Pervez Musharraf

People have given an overwhelmed response of Pervaiz Musharraf Funny Pictures posted last week. Thats amazed me that how much people hate him. Another set of funny pictures of that pathetic looser General (Retarded) Pervez Musharraf. I am sure you gonna enjoy that too!. And also don’t forget to subscribe for posts via email, so you can get updates mail daily! Please add your comments too!

Mish ke liye unke Godfather Bush ka tribute!

real character of Musharraf!

“oye kisi ko pata wata nahi hai, hum roshan khyyal hain!”

Hahaha… Usama nahi mila tau kya, apnay watan ke log sale tau kiye na? for ayashi!!!

And now my favorite, no spoofing, that’s how God made fun of someone’s like Mush!!!


Ab Raj Kare Gi Khalq-e-Khuda…

Jo Main bhi hoon aur tum bhi ho…

Hum Dekhain Gay!!!


  1. OK, everyone has the freedom of expression, yet freedom of expression should not be abused in such a way by tarnishing the image of such a greater leader of Pakisan, Asia and the world – General Pervez Musharraf, ex President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    He has remained President of Pakistan, if you idiot people are Muslims, do you know what is the status of a President of a Muslim state … he is being considered … Ameer ul Moomineen (politically). Are you disgracing your past Amir ul Momineen. Alas, Alas, Alas.

    Secondly General Musharraf is not an illiterate like Zardari, not corrupt like Nawaz Sharif, who have always gazed their eye on the nationl exchequer, and when they find time they plunder the exchequer of Pakistan.

    I think you all appear some footpatti and foolish people, and nothing more than that. Understand!!!

    You go into the washroom and flush there your waste and don’t come on the website, these are holy pages, do something responsible, and be the responsible people.

  2. ap nay yah pic post theak kar kay acha naheen kiya musharaf was a nice man but u make him ohhh
    am8iaz husain khan says

  3. Kamino.. tumhe kia maloom unhune kese mulk ko taqadum aur taraqe k janab lena chaha.. tum begarton k dawa to zardari hay na.. ab dekho mulk kesy downside per jayega.. Allah gareebon k maddad kary.. Pakistan Paindabad, Musharraf zindabad

  4. yes.. it z much interessting.i really apreciate u. bcz he is able 4 that behaviour.i am a layer n i am against to him in this matter that he did naot give the rights of layer to them.

  5. Thanks Raja,

    I think people of Pakistan need awareness regarding their rights and should raise voice to find their social and economic justice. Keep Reading, Keep Sharing!

  6. Salam!
    Excellent work Mr. Naveed. I don’t have words to appreciate you. May God give you more courage, wisdom and ideas to carry on. I think Mush was the WORST president Pakistan ever had. And no one ever was disgraced and dishonoured like him.
    Well done NAVEED!!! Be Happy and Eid Mubabarak!!!

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