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9/11 vs 2nd May – Kalim Ahmad


By: Kalim Ahmad

When in 1979 the first troop Air Transport of Russia arrived. The troops went straight to the Royal Palace, where Amin (that time president of Afghanistan) was residing. The Soviet General in charge told the troops to guard the front door and to shoot anybody who come out of the palace. The General went inside. He found Hafizullah Amin sitting at the bar with a beautiful Afghan girl. The General pulled out his gun and shot dead both Amin and the girl. Wanting no witnesses, the general killed everyone else inside. He then went out the front door. His troops had their orders. Kill anyone who comes out the front door. The Soviet General came out the front door. His own troops shot him dead. With that moment, history books say that the war in Afghanistan started.

This was the commencement of war in Afghanistan but would this war endwith the death of Usama? I think “yes”. Obama has announced the escalation of US Army till the end of 2011. Existence of Usama was a hindrance in the face of this escalation, so he was given a final touch on 2nd May 2011. If we view the whole scenario impartially, we can conclude that before 9/11 America was not directly involved in tormenting any Muslim State. They were Israel, India and Russia who curb the peace of Muslisms of Palestine, Kashmir and Chechnya. Then why Al_Qaeda hit Twin Towers instead of Israeli Parliament, Indian Taj
Hotel or any other Russian building? I am not advocating the cause of 9/11 because I hate American mysterious policies and her barbarism.

For the sake of 3000 deaths in 9/11, US and Nato collapsed the whole Islamic World, they beated everyone whoever came in their way. More than forty thousand civilians met their fate in KPK and millions of people crossed the boundry of life in Afghanistan. All this was the outcome of 9/11. If America is really a civilized country and is fighting for the cause of Human Rights then why did she slaughter millions of people for the sake of one person? Is this humanity? Does Human Right Commission allow this? If yes, then Al Qaeda has done
justice by bombing the Twin Towers at New York, thus fulfilling the demand of the civilized world. US is now seeking a safe exit from Afghanistan, for this purpose she staged a new drama on the theatre of middle east. Tunisia, Egypt and Libya became victim to this conspiracy one after another. An interesting thing to bear in mind is that America is not directly involved in this tragic drama. World attention was focused on the situation of middle eastern countries, for a piece of time Afghan Issue went behind the curtain and this was the opportunity America utilized to end the final cause i.e Usama.

After destroying Russia (former USSR), America emerged as a super power, its impossible to claim that “Islamic World” will be the next super power if America met the same fate as USSR. Its better first to become a prosperous nation, a nation adorned with modern technology and modern universities, a nation beautified with the spirit of patriotism and who are true to Islam and true to their cause.


  1. awsome……. Well efforts

  2. its very great, but i dont think america will quit away from this region

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