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Download Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report 1971

Hamoodur Rahman (Urdu:) (born November 1, 1910) was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University. Justice Hamoodur Rahman was born in Patna, India. He obtained his graduation from the St. Xavier’s College of the University of Calcutta and an LLB from London University, studied in Gray’s Inn, London, and was called to the Bar in London in 1937.

He was made the chairman of the commission for inquiring into the break-up of Pakistan and role of the Pakistan army. His report revealed many aspects of politics in Pakistan army and particularly the atrocities committed by the army during the Civil War of 1971. Because of the nature of the findings it was not declassified for decades until an Indian newspaper published the details.

The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December 1971. The report was never made public in Pakistan. The report explores a number of issues such as : killing of thousands of Bangladeshis — both civilians and “Bengali” soldiers—rape, pan smuggling, looting of banks in East Pakistan, drunkenness by officers, even an instance of a Brigadier “entertaining” women while his troops were being shelled by Indian troops. The report recommended a string of court-martial and trials against top officers . However, no action was taken. The army’s role in splintering Pakistan after its greatest military debacle was largely ignored by successive Pakistani governments. The report examined nearly 300 individuals and hundreds of classified army signals. The final report was submitted on October 23, 1974.

The Report is in PDF format. Download the report from below. Right click on the link and choose “Save Target As” (IE) or “Save Link As” (FireFox)

Download Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

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  1. I have very strong reasons to believe this report is neither complete nor authenticated report. Lot of things doesn’t appeal to common sense and can’t pass the judgment test by those who have little bit knowledge of armed forces and the then East Pakistan. There are intelligent fabrications which I believe were added by Indian press for obvious reasons. I will advise strict caution and judgement while drawing inferences from this text.

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  3. Sir yeh download nahein ho rahi

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  5. Thanks for putting this post. Very helpful for those historians.

  6. @ Munir

    Whatever was available, We provided for everyone’s knowledge. If you or anyone able to find, can share with us. We will be happy to make it public. Thanks

  7. dis file has only 68 pages, while the original REPORT was consisted of approx 500 pages, & it also was published in URDU, could neone upload it in URDU.
    i am waiting for generous reply so plz consider me worth for it.

  8. thanks for providing such easy access to knowledge. will u place more books for download.

  9. Is it available in Urdu?

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