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Changing Seasons – Noushah Arshad

By: Noushah Arshad

When we want to get rid of summers and we are in a sheer need of change, then God blesses us with a new season which has its own beauties and charms.

We name it as Autumn.

Autumn is as special as three other seasons of the year. In deserts we welcome it after long and unbearable heat of summers whereas mountains have comparatively mild weather during summer season but still the beauties of autumn are of their special kind everywhere. Autumn brings us the message of hope. A hope that falling leaves will be back on trees one day, a hope that God still cares for us and he will not let us burn in strong sunlight all the year, even after so much wrongs we have done to ourselves and to this world.

The best thing about this season is its cool and calm evenings. A few minutes before sunset, beautiful chirping birds are hurrying to their homes; the atmosphere is slightly cool with mesmerizing colors of sky and wandering pieces of clouds. There is a strange silence everywhere accompanied with sweet scent of “Raat ki Raani”. In such a heavenly atmosphere, having a cup of tea with a friend or a loved one is the most blessed time I love to thank God for.

Changing weather brings a lot of change in nature as well as in moods and lifestyles of people too. As nature relaxes itself … everyone seems to be more calm and quiet.

From last few years I feel that life has become so busy for everyone that most of the beauties of nature and such slight changes in weather go unnoticed. People are so much stressed out at their jobs and other responsibilities that they rarely get time to feel the change. For them, the change is only to shift from summer clothing to winter clothing. They welcome the autumn with a ‘pleasant’ thought that their electricity bills will be lowered with the arrival of winters. What a change time has brought in us!

I must say that such a disastrous change in our thoughts is one reason of the stress and depression most of us are facing today. Every one of has some questions in mind when we start our day as what to eat today? How to manage this electricity crisis? How to move on when there is no source of income? and the list goes on…. I agree that poor and needy cannot get rid of their problems by the arrival of a new season but even if the poorest one of us will spare some moments in the day, just for himself and he will sit a side and think what he is doing, where is he going in his life and how the nature is treating him, he will feel relaxed. He will get some time to observe the beautiful gifts of nature which are spread everywhere for him, to feel blessed and to be thankful to the Creator of those gifts.

We should take out some moments to praise the beauty of nature. It can be in the mornings, evenings or even at night when stars are shinning brightly. Nature doesn’t need our wealth. It just needs us and our attention. Still it doesn’t take anything from us but gives us peace, hope and comfort. Love the nature and it loves you. Praise its beauties and it will whisper the secrets of your personality in your ears. You will find your everlasting friend in it.

Trust me… Just give it a try sometime!

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