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Canvas – Engr Sundus Mubeen


By: Engr Sundus Mubeen

God always give oppertunity to everyone in life when the whole world is before us and we have to explore it to find ourself and recognized our hidden potentials to excel in life successfully.Then,we just want to have grip on everything which we have desire to achieve.we have to desire that everything to be done by just our single order.

Parents are too much precious and beautiful gift of God.they only know the meaning of love,affection,care,protection and support.they are like ladder which remain at its place but give place to their babies to go higher and higher.Parents’s role in the life of their babies is like that rubber which remove the unwanted part of their personality’s canvas.They always make capable to their babies to avail chance when God give oppertunity to everyone when the whole world is ahead of us and we explore our hidden potential .But,it is true,anyone can not be perfect.so,if weaknesses don’t exit then we cann’t recognized the goodness.so,parents always leave these weaknesses that their babies remove these weaknesses and to find ourself and recognized our hidden potentials to excel in life successfully.if we learn something new after recognizing ourself, then this thing becomes a best part of our personality.

Infact, Babies are like canvas for parents and Allah give brush to parents to apply strokes to make a beautiful picture.off-course, with the with the beautiful strokes, bad strokes are also the part of picture which become the bad aspect of the personality.then,the time came when we find yourself and that is the accurate time when we can remove our faults by applying good stokes on our personality canvas.then some bad strokes become beautiful.we always try to beautify this picture but it’s all depend upon us that how we utilize that time which give Allah to us and how much to recognize ourself.if we recognize ourself by utilizing that time then our picture becomes masterpiece.


  1. engr sundus mubeen

    thanx 4 all buddiez..

  2. engr sundus mubeen

    @ ghori & sunny thanx…need ur prayerz nd encouragement…

  3. its fabolous sonu…..gud attempt keep it up.God Bless u

  4. Sundus…

    great and keep writing ok?

  5. mindblowing.

  6. what a nice thinking,outstanding article.

  7. wow….really great,nice thoughts thumbs up.

  8. splendid thought,nice words.example of canvas is really superb.it shows deep thinking.good learning lesson.

  9. i am speechless by your high words.really too good.keep it up.

  10. it is really nice.nice thought and a learning message for all that donot depend all life on parents,recognized your hidden potential and excel in life with the teaching of your parents…canvas concept is too much outclass.keep it up.

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