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Go America Go – Kalim Ahmad


On 12th June I  for the first time attended the conference of Syed Munnawar Hassan. I personally dont believe in conferences as it is a crude form of politics usually practiced in the third world. I have faith in actions because deeds and acts of politicians speak louder than conferences. However due to certain unavoidable circumstances I was driven to the conference.

During the conference I recollected Eisen Hover, the former president of USA. Eisen Hover was a valiant man who fought several lethal wars including war against Hitler. After extreme hard work and labour he was nominated the president of America. In his tenure Afghanistan asked America for military assistance but Eisen Hover denied this by saying that American interests can never reach to such far away regions of the world. USSR then assisted them by constructing roads on which tanks could be passed, they also trained Afghan Army Officers.

Later on these roads were used by the tanks of Red Army when they entered Kabul. One the other hand America made tremendous progress in science and technology, due to her progress America was regarded as a neighbour of every state. Now American interests reached Kabul.

In the midst of this “Anti-America” conference I realized that global strategic and political conditions are changing. An interesting situation is prevailing in international politics. American interests are rooted here, when Obama declares, “next prey will be Aiman Al Zawahiri” it is clear that he is using this region for point scoring.

On the other hand our politicians believe that the next election-winner will be undoubtedly be an anti-American, so they are focusing on anti-American sentiments. My sixth sense was warning me that Syed Munnawar Hassan is availing this political point of the situation. I do remember the stunt taken by Imran  Khan on drone attacks which disappointed me very much. Mian Nawaz Sharif is also satirizing the ruling party for supporting America. But why do our ruling elite support them blindly? The point is clear, if they will not support America their foreign wealth will be put to danger. This point has stopped the hands of PPP from taking any adverse steps. But I think we should not expect much from Mian Nawaz Sharif because his assets are also far away in the depths of European Banks. Ths will play a black mailing factor whenever he will enter The Parliament House.

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